Your rights as photographer

“Rechtliche Situation
Grundsätzlich gilt in Österreich, dass der Urheber eines Werkes (z.B. Foto oder Filmmaterial) ist, wer es geschaffen hat und das alleinige Recht besitzt, darüber zu entscheiden, wer es in welcher Form veröffentlichen darf. Zusätzlich hat der Urheber das Recht auf namentliche Nennung und ein angemessenes Honorar, wenn er sein Material an Medien weitergibt.”

“Wurde ein Werk ohne vorherige Autorisierung durch dessen Rechteinhaber verwendet, entsteht per gesetzlicher Definition ein Anrecht auf eine Zahlung in Höhe des doppelten Basishonorars. Zusätzliche Ansprüche entstehen zudem, wenn die Urheberbezeichnung fehlt oder falsch ist.”

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The latest case I witnessed happened on the 25 Febr 2013

HONY copyright infringement case

HONY copyright infringement case (click to read in full size)

Humans of New York

Fair use, copyright & what this means for your photography

Legal issues for street photographers:

Do I Need a Photo Release For That?

Photography and The Law: Know Your Rights

> Street photographer rights ( written for Australia)

“…The value of an image for public consumption is determined in the public marketplace and according to metrics that the Very Serious Photographer might find alien…” 😀

Ten Myths of Professional Commercial Photography

Berufsfotografen Tirol – Rechtliches


Watermarking your images:

How to Watermarking Images With Photoshop and Lightroom

Digital watermarking

How to Make a Signature Brush in Photoshop

Why all photographers need to copyright their work – for US

PHOTO STEALERS – a whole page dedicated to photo thieves

Gestohlene bilder? – Dr Wolfgang Maaßen , Rechtsanwalt

Shutterstock – larger list about copyright issues and trademarks

Noam Galai’s Stolen Scream An interesting story about a STOLEN image that made a turn around the globe.


Digimarc® for Images

Basically, if a photographer sues you for pinning an image illegally on Pinterest, the user must not only pay for his or her lawyer, they must also pay for Pinterest’s lawyer. In addition, the defendant must pay all charges against him or herself, along with all of Pinterest’s charges.

Five Simple Tips On How To Find Your Images Online

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