Editing your pictures

Photo editing for dummies :

Pixenate is the photo editor of choice for photo printing and photo sharing businesses.


Displays beautifully random words or names

5 Essential Edits That Will Improve Almost any Photograph

An Example of One Photographer’s Workflow

There are some easy to operate and FREE picture editing programs for beginners. The one I was using the most and was doing a great job, when I had windows XP was the plain and simple Windows picture manager. It has all the options that you need to enhance your digital shots that you download from your camera for a WOW effect. First I adjust brightness/contrast/midtones, than saturate with hue/saturation. If there are red eyes you can fix that too. Crop the pic for better effect etc etc.

Dodging and Burning in Photoshop and How It Can Enhance Your Photos

still FREE but advanced like http://www.gimp.org/ or the ArcSoft Photo studio, and Panorama Maker that are included in the installation cd whenever you buy a Canon product.

Learning Photoshop :

Understanding the Difference Between Photoshop and Lightroom

Ten Go-to Editing Tips for Using Photoshop

A Beginners Introduction to Using Layers
An Introduction to Photoshop Compositing for Beginners

Photoshop Curves Tool: 6 techniques every photographer must know

how to use Curves more creatively

Exposure vs. Brightness vs. Fill Light

Practical White Balance and Why You Should Learn It!

Vibrance vs. Saturation in Plain English

How to Make It as a Professional Retoucher

10 Photoshop Tips and Tricks for Beginners

That’s a Photoshop! All photographers post process their work.

How to Use Photoshop Curves to Correct Exposure and Colour

How to use shadow highlight in Photoshop to get impressive results

How to Sharpen Non-destructively in Photoshop


Photoshop is not for everyone. It is an advanced picture editing software and is VERY frustrating at the beginning. I was struggling with it for some time, and failed at every attempt. Good enough to make most people give up. That’s until I came accross some online step by step tutorials. So I started trying them out, sometimes it worked, sometimes not and I was still not understanding what was I doing. But the more you do , the easier it gets. So if you are stubborn enough, go for it! It will give you endless opportunites of editing your pics just like the pros.

A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Photoshop – Part One

20 tutorials on how to make basic adjustments in photoshop

Retouching portraits in photoshop :

Complete portrait retouch workflow

How the Photoshop Liquify Tool Can Be Used to Improve Your Portraits

Indoors Photo Rescue – How I did it

How to to create the Illusion of Depth of Field

Creating Depth Of Field With Filters and Masks

How to Achieve Porcelain Skin with Natural Airbrushing in Photoshop

dodging and burning

The Fast Way to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes in Photoshop

Creating a Stunning High Pass, “Ill Effect” Portrait

Create a Stunning High Key Portrait Photo

Photography tutorial – high key in Photoshop

Black & white high key effects in Photoshop

Color to High Key Black and White

Editing a High Key Portrait In Lightroom

How to fix portrait photos with distracting background

How to Reduce Your Depth of Field in Photoshop

Applying Fixes using Adjustment Layers and Masks

Beautify a portrait from A to Z

Remove Freckles

Contrast Layers

Changing Hair Color

Enhancing Iris Color

You are a Good Dentist

Create A Portrait Studio Background

Give Your Photos a Color Ink Sketch Effect

Retouch and Airbrush Skin Professionally in Photoshop

I recently discovered and started applying photoshop actions and I really like them.

Learn All About Photoshop Actions and Automation Techniques

photoshop actions and plug-ins

Make your own photoshop actions and learn to work with them

100 Free Photoshop Actions (And How to Make Your Own)

curves vs levels

Photoshop effects :

How to Create a Reflection in Photoshop in 6 Easy Steps

“Photography, as we all know, is not real at all.
It is an illusion of reality with which we create our own private world.” – Arnold Newman

best photoshop tutorials
8 Cool Photoshop Blogs
10 Cool Places to Learn the Art of Photoshop
10 Must-Have FREE Photoshop Plugins
free photoshop actions for PS2 and up
100 Free Photoshop Actions (And How to Make Your Own)
3 FREE actions from the Photoshop Master Aaron Nace
45 free photoshop actions
Lomo, tilt shift, infrared, etc photoshop Tutorials
5 easy ways to make money online with Photoshop

Illustrator is for drawing :

http://www.madewithmischief.com/ an alternative FREE drawing program

Illustrator class – 125 euro

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