Find where your photos have gone thanks to google image search

Five Simple Tips On How To Find Your Images Online

I just tried today Google Images search for an image of mine and Bingo!  It returned quite alot of results. I uploaded a full size of the following image. And I have found it on , ,, and another stock site that I never submitted , but it seems they work with shutterstock as they refer back to the original photo

Quite a success.

The photo has been downloaded 19 times so far. But I assume it has found also some offline uses.

I have previously tried to track what my images were used for by googling my name , but the results I got were nearly none. Exept a swedish site about hunting that has put my name under the stock photo they have bought, which is not the case in all the examples above.

The bottom line is if you think someone have used photos of yours without asking for permission, you could give it a go and google some of your best shots.

If you are more interested in picture copyright and copyright infringement, I have gathered some interesting stories and links here.

Ha! This is getting addictive 😀 Pic No2  is of a the snowpark in the ski resort Ischgl/ Austria.

The funny thing is that it has been used to illustrate France as destination (?!) on a british site and Obertauern ski resort which at least is in Austria. And also here.

stock-photo-wooden-sign-wooden-trail-to-innsbruck-austria-72116851 After reverse search, I’ve found the Innsbruck sign here : 1.Austrian camping club, 2., 3. and here

Have you found unpermitted or licensed use of images of yours?

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