Your camera

These are tutorials I’ve read , used and noted for further reference for everything that I find useful about photography.

50 Reasons NOT to date a Photographer

21 Photographers Doing Whatever It Takes to Get the Perfect Shot

3 Tips on How to Approach Photography as a Hobby

7 Steps to Becoming a Confident Photographer: a Beginner’s Guide

100 Things I’ve Learned About Photography

7 Obnoxious Things People Believe About Photographers

5 Key Skills for the Modern Photographer

Deciphering Photo Jargon – Learn to Speak “Photographer”

8 Things Every Camera Owner Should Know About Their Camera

From what I’ve learned so far, in order to have a WOW shot, you need:

A. the vision (it still helps to have a good camera tho).

B . edit the pic , there is always something that you can boost with a program , when only contrast and color.
How Post-Processing Helped Me Become a Better Photographer

C. talent to see, talent to observe. Everyone can buy a camera, but few can make good shots.

Exposure Triangle – Not just about more/less light and The Idiot’s Guide To Camera Settings

3 Key Lessons in Photography For Beginners

The technical side of a good shot are light, compositionExposure, shutter speed,camera shake and motion blur etc.These are your tools to achieve the effect you want , the effect u see. It is very frustrating when your camera is not cooperating.

5 Good Photography Habits to Start Today

Smart exposure try spot metering

49 seriously good Canon DSLR tips, tricks, time savers and shortcuts

31 Days of Photo Tips

Stop Taking Pictures, Start Creating Images

Do You Have Enough Talent In Your Tank to be a Photographer? “Do it anyway. Take the next step. Do it because it’s fun. Do it because the world needs more beauty. Do it because your inner voice is too loud and you can’t get to sleep.” If you feel you need to do it – just do it!


How to use your camera

13 Lessons to Teach Your Child About Digital Photography and yourself 🙂

SnapnDeals – Deals For Those Who Love Taking Photos- training, software and gear

5 Cheap Must-Have Photographic Accessories in our Toolkit

Camera reviews and tests

Is Camera Lust Destroying our Photography?

How to Choose Your Next Camera

Got a new camera?Than read these 5 “before first use”steps

Understanding Evaluative Metering on Your EOS Camera

Lenses, simply explained

How to find a lens that’s perfect for your photographic needs

Why Lens Quality Doesn’t Matter Quite as Much as You Think it Does

7 Ways to Get More Out of a Wide-angle Lens

Getting Creative With A Lensbaby

31 Days to a Better Photo | The Complete Index

If your camera has the option of M settings, AV, TV, A-Dep mode, than you should read it too.

The most important – take pics. Only by doing it you will get better. Take tons of pics, of everything that attracts your attention. Compare, with pics from magazines, the web.Think what can you do better. Learn and improve.

5 Common Photography Questions from Beginners (and Their Answers)

A 15 Minute Lesson For The Photography Beginner

What To Do With Your New Camera

10 Ways to Improve Your Photography

“And when you believe that ‘the universe is speaking to you,’ might you not find time to listen?”

‘Your camera takes great photos.’ 😀

How to Make Your Photography Stand Out

What do I look for on a Photo Walk?

Camera shooting modes and manual settings


The Rule Every Photographer Must Know: The Rule of Thirds

33 Photos That Use the Golden Hour For Great Lighting

Depth of Field Simplified

Photography in Harsh Mid-Day Light

4 Types of Lighting and How to Shoot in Them

The joy of standart lenses


Introduction to Filters for Digital Cameras


How to always get exposure right – your camera’s exposure settings explained

4 Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Exposure in Your Photographs

Why Shooting to the Right Gives You Better Final Images

What is exposure

exposure value

Sunny 16 rule

How to Create a Starburst Effect in Photographs – wheere is your f-stop at?

ISO explained

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Aperture Priority Mode

Shutter Priority Mode: A Beginner’s Guide

Understanding Histograms

Are You Using Your Histogram to Get Better Photographs?

Exploring Metering Modes

Exposure Compensation: Manual Shooting Without Being In Manual

Exposure compnsation explained

Understanding Light: A Series of Tutorials

a flash accessory for DLSR cameras


Colour Temperature Scale: Visualised

Demystifying White Balance

How to be Creative with White Balance


10 reasons why your photos aren’t sharp (and how to fix them)

The 10 biggest reasons your shots are soft (and how to avoid it)

How to Achieve Accurate Focus in Every Photograph

Getting Sharper Images – an Understanding of Focus Modes

The Problem With The Focus-Recompose Method

Your lens sweet spot

How to Reduce Camera Shake – 6 Techniques

7 Situations When Manual focus is better than Auto

5 Tips for Getting Sharper Images

3 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Back Button Focus

Read Advanced Tips for Tack Sharp Images and
5 Situations When Manual Focus is Better than Auto Focus

A Comprehensive Guide to Photographing Youth Sport

The Problem With The Focus-Recompose Method


Metering Modes and How Your Camera Meter Works


An Introduction to Focal Length


How to reduce noise

Noise In Your Images? Use These Easy Strategies to Improve Your Noisy Photographs

Depth of field – or how to accentuate your portrait shots and photography in general




5 Tips for Getting Sharper Images


What Can Photographers Learn from the Classic Rules of Composition?

Composing with Curves

Learning to See, Final

How to Stay Creative

Photography Composition

Tips for Objective Evaluation of Composition

What the Dutch Masters Can Teach Us About Photography: The Center of Interest

5 Steps to Better Composition


The Power of Perspective in Photography


Using Off-camera Flash to Fix Lighting Problems for Outdoor Portraits

35 Creative Examples of Forced Perspective Photography. Don’t forget to have FUN!!!

Composition (visual arts) – Wikipedia

composition: what’s wrong with these pictures?

Seven Signs You Are Becoming a Photographer

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