Hi, I’m Anna.
Since I can remember I have been taking photos. First with those plastic cameras, where you insert a film roll in the black box and hope some shots will turn out fine after picking them at the shop. Sometimes the whole film comes out overlit – sorry, no pictures this time. They had three buttons – one for klick, one to roll the film to the next exposure and one to bring back the film into the roll. I ski , I snowboard,  I love mountains and snow, I travel, I love learning languages, I cook, I am a mother.
My children also seem to like photos. Especially the older one, “so she can remember”. And that’s exactly why I use cameras. To record and keep track of beautiful memories. Real moments, real people, real emotions, real environment, natural light – captured in a photo. This is my strength. I believe in backlight sun and the unexpected. I believe in “get it right in the camera”,in magic and in my Canon 5DMKII. Studio? Not for me. Too staged. Too controlled. Too artificial. My studio is nature, outdoors, where real emotions happen.
It’s a beautiful world we live in!

My editing / retouching – minimal. I’d remove a pickle or under eye circles, but won’t make you look like you’re not yourself. I won’t remove your freckles or make your skin look perfect. Because this is not who you are. I don’t believe in spending hours in Photoshop, fixing things in pictures. No time for that. I find tripods quite annoying and avoid shooting with them.I wish I had a reflector and a couple of more lenses.Location? 3km from Innsbruck , in the beautiful land of Tyrol, Austria.
I started with a Canon 1000D and switched to the 5DMKII about two years ago as I needed more ISO sensibility than the 1000D could ever offer as I shoot without flash in dark conditions and fast moving subjects. Beacuse even at ISO 6400 , the MKII photos still rock!

How to Create Portraits With Depth

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  1. Hello I hope you are well. Your father Boris asked me to take his picture and send it to you but I cant find you on facebook. Shoot me an email so i will send you the photo there. Have a great day!

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