Abandoned house in Austria

In the meantime , house is getting a new roof .

This house is just across the street . It’s over 100 years old (1894 says the year under the roof) and has been unoccupied for awhile as its owners are dead.
I don’t usually do abandoned places , even though I find some of them highly fascinating, but this is a house I pass by daily , and as the windows are broken, you can take a peek inside. What is to be found there looks like a dusty ethnographic museum . Lot of these houses go to the state if the owners don’t have descendants. Same goes with money in bank accounts.

Actually the house has owners , the neighbors have bought it, but still trying to figure out what to do with it and cleaning it bit by bit. Electricity is still cut out.

There are some photos that I didn’t take because of lack of tripod but…

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