I’ve found my mountain

I’ve been living around for about 7 years but only this winter I finally visited the Glungezer. I’ve been skiing and working  at Patscherkofel since the beginning but somehow it never was my favorite mountain. It’s too hilly for my taste. It looks like a giant Germknödel with vanilla sauce. 😀
Good morning Tulfes. Good morning Bettelwurf.

So…the Glungezer? It was love at first sight!

The first time I went, I was with a neighbour and it was pretty windy. Fresh snow had just fallen in the night and the the trees heavy with white magic. Small tornadoes were raising snow pilons in the air or making the mountains smoke. You can admire these views and still be sheltered from wind on the endless T-bar that you need to go through in order to make it to the valley of pow pow.

With almost no one in the morning, we had the slopes for ourselves. Perfectly prepared slopes with some fresh snow on top – I’m in heaven!!! The wind? Who cares! My dawn jacket made the test.


The valley of powder is home of the two seat chairlift Schartenkogellift that is usually operating unless the lift staff misses the alarm clock in the morning (Yes, I had that on saturday). The other lift is the Tulfeineralm drag lift that takes you to the fun park but is rarely operating.

Once at the top pf the Schartenkogellift, take out cams and smart devices, it’s time for Sel-fies!!! The view is splendid and the backcountry of Voldertal is breathtaking.



Danger of fall

_MG_6509  _MG_6497
Ok, from here you have two options: ski down or hike up. Two peaks are awaiting to be conquered. The one is easy peasy , for the other one you will need equipment and company. Did I sax windy? Sometimes the Föhn it’s so strong that it flips the banks and blows the rooftops. You can see the   
Glungezer hut and weather station as a small white dot top left (just under the watermark).It has been used by the  army as training camp and for avalanche and mountain rescue courses and is as also a well known and well frequented hut among mountaineers._MG_6511


I’ve found  locals best kept secret.

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