Butterfly and Jungle house, Terfens, Austria

You have to love the entrepreneur spirit of Polish people.
About half a year ago, we visited the Upsidedown house (also built by them), while they were still building the Jungle house next to it. We went there two weeks ago. Big success! End of story. The main attaction tho were not the burretflies, but the parrots.



I though “farfalle” are a kind of pasta 😀

On the walls, you can admire butterflies in all colors and sizes.
But forget the butterflies, the real stars of this place are these two darlings _MG_6074
“Blue” and the cranky one.
You can feed them, they will come and eat out of your hand or climb on your shoulder.
If they are too big for you and you are scared, you can go for the smaller ones.
Honestly, I am not impressed by the butterflies. Most of them were either perched on the trees, the walls or drinking citrus nektar. But there were very few that were actually flying in the air and about impossible to catch with the camera. I must have been doing something wrong, but I don’t know what.. The most impressive was a big white angel, that I fanally managed to shoot when it rested on the ground.



The breeding house for butterflies was the most interesting part _MG_6176
This guy was waiting for his wings to dry or extend themselves. I didn’t saw any of his kind flying around.
A proud specimen from Madagascar
There were also other insects and reptiles further on, both alive and stuffed.


The scorpion king

Indonesia? No, thank you!
In short – yes, it’s worth it. And yes, we would all visit again.

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