The St. Nicholas church, Hall in Tirol



The pink ceilings 😀

I wrote about this church two years ago ,as part of the ensemble Hall’s old city center, but I went again last week to make better photos (I didn’t like the old ones and the editing is terrible) .

The church is impressive and one of a kind because of the church choir turning to the right.And also those opulent ceiling and wall freskoes and all that gold!

Between the years 1420 and 1440 the church was expanded from a one nave to three nave building by the builder Hans Sewer from Hall .The church has been enlarged twice and finally completed in late-Gothic style. Because the building couldn’t be extended south and the old choir was to remain in the same place the Presbytery is heading to the right.

There are remarqable pieces of art to admire all around. Would it be sculptures, or freskoes or skulls with funky decorations. The only thing that could be improved are the windows. More stained glass,please!

A new discovery I did was a tomb. It’s the tomb of Knight Florian Waldauf, légèrely laying on its side for 500 years, guarded by saints.Take a good look at them – the way they are arranged looks like some creepy legged indian goddess.


remains of Florian Waldauf

_MG_5288 pf

The pink ceilings 😀

Sir Anthony Hopkins’s double also seem to have been taking care of the souls of the beleivers. The face, that glance…same.

He is to be found in the chapel , that also contains the holy relics and is so richly decorated, that I might make a whole new post about it.


The holy relics….there are about 20-30 skulls , wrapped in embroded velvet with a holy shine, reminding me of Luis Royo’s  Announcement .


Skull relic

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