She is round!!!

Panorama Nordkette

Innsbruck, viewed from Nordkette – Panorama from 5 stitched shots

Time for my monday post…

…and let the winter games begin!
What a fantastic day it was on Sunday!
I had 2 kids on skis – one a complete beginner , one who can ski already. And I was not quite sure how I am gonna handle both. But it worked perfectly.

The Ski- & Snowboardschule Innsbruck has all these sledges , ski bob and snow bikes along with the rolling carpet lift for everyone to use for free so when my big girl got bored of skiing, she could try every time a new thing. You can imagine she was switching all the time from ski to something else. What a fantastic idea!!!

And my first timer was unstoppable! I I was thinking she’s give it a try and loose interest. But she was “Mama, one more time, and another one, and another one…”

This is my world and my element. I am so excited my girls liked it too. At the end of the day, we were all tired but with a happy grin on our faces.

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