Nature is my temple

They called me the forest fairie...

They called me the forest fairie…

From my forest selfie series.
No Photoshop or Lightroom here. I use PhotoPlusX5 and DigitalProtoProfessional for RAW.

I initially wanted to make a whole different shot with me riding the bike, but while setting the camera on tripod, some bugs and two wasps went curious about what I was doing and I had to cover myself with the throw. I don’t like mosquito bites and even less wasp stings. We have the latest in big numbers this summer. They say we’re having a wasp year because of the warm winter.
Two hikers just saw me cropped over the cam with the colorful throw and they said:” The forest fairie is here”. 😀 Which gave me the idea about the photo above.

I’ve found the missing ingredient that day: it’s called mp3 player and it gives me wings while on the bike…


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