A DD!!!!

I can’t believe it!
I got a DD – Daily Deviation on deviantart! This is like winning the jackpot! I’ve been a member for some years and I learned alot and admired some amazingly talented artists there. I logged in today and “boom” – over 250 messages. I was “ughhhh what happened”?
Forest path stock

Last week I went to this nearby forest to make a self portrait and I made this shot to test the depth of field before I jump into the frame. I am so glad it got a feature and can’t wait to see what the digital artists will turn this scene into. I’ll keep you posted.

There you go – the First result: Sanctuary

What I didn’t took a picture of, is the sun itself filtred through the leaves. It would give a nice flare, but I have it sealed in my mind. As a side note I want to make more self portraits. I’m rarely on pictures otherwise.

2 thoughts on “A DD!!!!

    1. Благодаря, Алекс.Мисля да започна един “селфи” проект като ме удари музата. Да видим до къде ще я докарам…

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