Sun eclipse

They were discussing on the radio in the morning how dangerous it is to watch the sun eclipse without special protective foil glasses. You could permanently damage your eyes. Even worse trying to take a picture – the lens acting as magnifying glass. I didn’t have theM , so I thought : I’m gonna skip it.
But than “let’s go to the center , someone would have them. And I can take photos of people watching the sun eclipse.”
First the nice couple top left shared with everyone around their pair of glasses so we can see it . That was at the peak of it – only a small part of the sun was showing at the bottom. It was looking like a moon croisssant, with both tips poining up. I was so impressed , that I forgot to take a picture.

The second time I got my hand on magic glasses, was a lady sitting on a cafe in Maria Theresia str.(top right) . I took a picture , but it was much different than what I saw the first time.
And the guys bottom right got the heavy artillery -a big smoked glass, but it’s declared dangerous by eye specialists. It’s how we used to look at a sun eclipse back in the days.

The bad thing was the glasses were sold out.The good thing was everyone that had them was sharing :)And it was a  gorgeous warm spring day.

sun eclipse , Innsbruck

sun eclipse , Innsbruck

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