Finally approvals!

beach chairs covered with snowsnowy mountain with woods

Yay, I got two images approved!
The last time this happed was two years ago. Everything I submitted in between was rejected, rejected , rejected.
These sunchair corbs are located on top of the Patscherkofel mountain. The second picture is also taken there. The valley among the clouds is the Stubai with the Stubai glacier at the end of it.

You can directly click on the pictures to get forwarded to the shutterstock site to donload them up to 5616×3744 resolution.

The first picture with the chairs got its first sale on the 03 febr to a customer in Australia. ” Summer meets winter” would be a good name for it.

The second pic also got sold on the 05 febr.

4 thoughts on “Finally approvals!

    1. Аз ги качих на майтап. Викам си – все ще им намерят кусур : я white balance,, я focus, я trademark. И много се учудих и зарадвах като видях че са ги харесали. Ще трябва да запомня настройките.

  1. Честито! Още много да ти бъдат одобрени и купени 🙂

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