In the land of never summer

It has been the coldest and rainiest summer since 9 years in Austria. For a day of sun it rains a whole week. As a matter of fact it started raining the moment I got out with the bike and it didn’t stop the whole way. I thoght : let’s head to the forest and find some mushrooms to take pictures . The first thing I found was a whole field of these bright orange ones. They were everywhere , unfortunately not the edible type. I thought they were Chanterelle but at a second look they were rather False Chanterelles.

Here are some more unidentified and beautiful specimens. The rain made the colors shiny and my subjects were covered with water droplets. After the camera had difficulties in focusing, I switched to live view mode and manual focus. I used the 50mm lens the whole time as my zoom needs to be sent to repair. It worked like a charm. Because of the rain, I didn’t use the tripod. All the photos are hand held with bumping the iso and lowering the fstop. Which worked fine for close ups but not on forest scenes. Oh well, you can’t have it all…

For these pics I’ve been climbing on steep , wet and slippery soil with mosqiutoes trying to bite me. Actually everything was located within one single hill . Isn’t it amazing?

If it happen that you are an avid mushroom collector and you know any of these , please write me a comment under the pic ( just klick on it and a pop-up window with place for comments will show ).If you want to see any of the pics bigger, same. Thanks

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 It’s fu***ing 11,9 C outside! And I’m wondering why am I freezing…The first snow has just arrived in my lovely Ischgl .Check the webcams! –

5 thoughts on “In the land of never summer

    1. Hey , Well stock is slow. I get like a check of 50 euros per year. But than I haven’t submitted any photos in ages. I guess I’m just not made to be a stock photographer.:D

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