Galt Alm in the Stubai valley in winter – Insiders’s tip ( not for beginner skiers )

Galtalm is a mountain hut in the Schlick 2000 area in Stubaital, Austria. In winter there is a shuttle service for skiers from 11:30 to 13:30 , every half an hour. The owner comes with a vintage slopes grooming machine from 1976 , pulls out of the back two rows of ropes with wooden sticks attached and you hold them like in a ski drag lift.

Galtalm express

Galtalm express – and here we go!

A tip from me, go on the back, you’ll have the luxury to use the last stick to drag you so you don’t hang the whole time and have your hands tired. There is an option to go inside the machine , for the not so experienced skiers, but it fits only one or two persons. You are droped on a walking trail , some turns above the hut, and you ski down to it. I repeat again – not suited for beginners.

Galt Alm express

Galt Alm express

Galtl Alm 1680m

arriving at Galt Alm

I’m not a fan of midday sun, so as everyone was outside , sitting in the sun terrace, I had the inside of the hut for myself.

Galtl Alm - the view

Galt Alm – the view

You can enjoy here some traditional Austrian meals , like Kaiserschmarren ( a sort of pancakes dough with raisins and apple mousse ), or my favorite – spinach knödel with Parmesan cheese and butter, served with a salad for the price of about 9 euro.

Galt Alm Spinatknoedel

Galt Alm Spinatknoedel

This must be some local tradition, the inscription says : As remembrance of the wedding shooting of Mr Johann Hofer and his wife Theresia. 🙂

Galt Alm Hochzeitstafel

Galt Alm Hochzeitstafel

On the way down to middle station , you better be skiing carefully – the path is narrow and steep , often ice and slouchy snow follow one another. As I already said – not for beginner skiers.

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2 thoughts on “Galt Alm in the Stubai valley in winter – Insiders’s tip ( not for beginner skiers )

    1. Хихи, да, много забавно беше. Най-накрая намерих време да отида дотам. Не снимах един от возещите се, същински оригинал – с бяли мустаци като на Леми от Мотърхед 😀

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