Червено омайниче – Geum coccineum

Омайниче - Geum coccineum

Червено омайниче – Geum coccineum (click for full resolution)

In my language  this flower is called “the little charmer” and grows in humid places in the mountains between 900 and 2300 m of altitude. Its roots are used as natural medicine.

The legend says that Tamara,the daughter of the bulgarian King Tzar Assen II fell ill. He sent her to be healed in the Teteven region of the Balkan mountains. It was spring. The sun threw its golden rays over the forests and made the birds sing. The forest meadows were covered with flowers. Tamara picked a flower and put it behind her ear thinking “Who need a crown when I have such a pretty flower”. She learned that the flower is called  “the little charmer” , and when an unmarried boy sees a girl that is wearing the flower in her hair, he falls in love with her. The flower helped in the healing of the king’s daughter. But in autumn , along with the birds that flew south, left also Tamara. The locals called than the flower that she loved so much royal flower, and the meadow where it grows kings meadow – Tzarichina. This remained as one of the most wonderful areas in the Teteven region of the Balkans and that’s why the natuaral reserve bears its name : “Tzarichina”.

These two photos were taken with the Canon 1000D and its kit lens – 18-55. The first one is with the lens mounted as usual, the second one is with the lens hand held in front of the camera body and more or less experimenting with the camera settings.

Reverse Macro Tutorial

2 thoughts on “Червено омайниче – Geum coccineum

    1. Thanks alot.It’s not difficult. Just remember to focus by moving closer of further to the subject. The lens itself cannot focus while held reversed.

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