In the days of film

Why Analog Photography (Still) Rocks!

Before digital photography existed, I used to take photos on film. In those days of film:

  • one film roll could have 24 or 36 exposures/ photos
  • Films had different ISO’s usually from 100 , 200 and 400, 100 being for sunny weather and bright light, 200 is an all around film and 400 for cloudy and low light conditions. You buy the wrong film – your photos will be missed.
  • You could loose all your photos if you expose the film to light (  this happened to me at least once with two rolls of film from a concert )
  • You don’t see straight away how your photo turned out  – you need to process the film , to see the negative and order prints to see the final result. There’s no second chance – you need to get it right the first time.
  • Films and processing cost you money. Money per film developing and per printed picture.

And there were also the Polaroid cameras. And no, I’m not speaking of the funky vintage effect on your app. The polaroid cameras delivered an instant printed picture , but the catch was you need to wait for it for the colors to appear. When you press the shutter button , the camera gives you a small white card. After half-one minute you start to see the first silhouettes. Than little by little more colors appear until you finally have your picture ready.

So why would I go back to shooting film? For the challenge of it.

Serious Fun: 7 Toy Cameras Worth Your Consideration

This was a present my granddad gave me long time ago.It’s like a family heritage.I have shoot only one film with it, with not much success. It was much too complicated , compared with the point and shoot cameras I was using. But I want to get the hang of it. Need to buy film again 😀 I hope my skills in digital shooting will help me get the hang of this old timer.

What I can see so far is that the picture it displays is mirrored – in reality the candle box is on the right.

Exakta Varex viewfinder

Exakta Varex viewfinder

Seven Reasons for Returning to Film Photographу

Getting the Chimp off Your Back

Understanding the Sunny 16 Rule

Do you shoot with film?

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