The Herz – Jesu church, Innsbruck

The Herz - Jesu church

The Herz – Jesu church

Impressions from the Heart of Jesus ( Herz-Jesu) Church
I really love this church. Its frescoes are unusual for Austria and remind me the Orthodox Churches in Bulgaria.
I was thinking of posting photos of it for awhile, but one was not enough – so I selected these 4.

Earlier in the day , another photo I saw reminded me of this Innsbruck church Mausoleum of Galla Placidia – Ravenna – Emilia-Romagna and Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna
The blue , the gold , the stars…

The Herz – Jesu church is a bit off the bitten path. It can be seen from the Triumphpforte / Triumph arch.

Die Herz-Jesu-Kirche der Redemptoristen in Innsbruck

4 thoughts on “The Herz – Jesu church, Innsbruck

    1. Thanks for feedback – That’s it. I will write more posts about places and travels and less geek stuff about cameras , as they don’t seem to be much of an interest. 🙂
      I just changed the theme and appearance of my blog today. Do you think it makes sense to have it like a gallery with clickable images or you prefer the good old blog view?
      Your opinion is appreciated !

  1. Thank You asking. We people are so different. Old Finnish proverb says:”One loves daughter, one loves mother”. Maybe this describes how difficult it is to say one’s opinion.

    I am old fashioned. Personally I love lists. Especially I love to see Categories, because under them we can collect different items and at same time to see how many posts are related to the same item. Test clicking Categories in my blog. Scrolling it down You’ll see easily that I have for example 4 posts presenting lake cruises on our lakes. I love also quite big photos. They are easy to see at once what the creator of the blog presents.

    My photos have size of 900*598. This size is ideal to be seen in different computers with different screen size. Also my blog theme is sizable automatically; not fixed. It is old fashioned and there are more modern themes, but I like my style. Decisions are Yours; think carefully. Matti.

    1. Thanks for your answer, It makes sense indeed, to have tags / categories. I added a tag cloud in the widgets section. I change my blog theme every couple of months after I get tired of the old one as new themes are coming on regular basis, it’s a pity to not try some of them. But as you said, it’s just me 🙂

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