The 5D Mk II

Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor Cameras: Which One is Right for You?

It was looking different on the LCD screen. More crisp and more saturated. I need to fix the screen settings.

Other than that, this photo wouldn’t be possible with the 1000D. Where the sensitivity of it ends , starts the 5DMkII.

It arrived yesterday , while we came back from Kindergarten. It was a box at the doorstep with my name and address on it. When I think that anyone could have taken it…but nobody steals around here. My first impression was that it was heavy. And solid. The zoom lens I have bought could be used with it. How convenient. It looks way different when mounted on the 5D than on the 1000D. Much less zoom factor. The battery was empty. About 3 hrs of charging. Than it turned out I don’t have a memory card for it. So we all , me and kids, took the bus down to the city. It was snowing. Once in the shopping mall, I looked for children playroom. They were having a burthday party until 17h . I bought the memory card for 90 euro – 16 GB and came at 5 to 17h t the kids place. It closes at 18h, plenty of time for me to take my first shots with the cam.

Here are the first shots with the new camera. I like to observe people and remain unnoticed. A floor below here is what I saw 🙂

Window sticker

Window sticker

Use Diptychs to Tell a Story

2 thoughts on “The 5D Mk II

  1. това ли е ревюто с първи впечатления, Анна? аз зяпнах още на това как те е чакала кутията на прага… 😀 ама и такива ли места има о света…

    значи ти си с Марк2, аз все съм искала да те питам, но все забравям… мерси, че ме насочи към поста 🙂

    1. Бторото ми впечатление беще , че снима с бързината на картечница в сравнение с предишния 1000Д. Той снима “клик” секунда, две, “клик”. МК е “тарататата” ….

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