For little dying angels


This is not an easy subject.Here are two links to photographers with big hearts. Photographers that have the courage to go to hospitals or homes upon demand and capture the last moments of parents with their dying or stillborn child. I highly admire these people and would like to spread the word.

One Year After a Devastating Birth, a Miracle For One Family

The Mother-Baby Bond: The Strongest Bond

In my country , Bulgaria, stillborn babies don’t even have the right to get buried. I’m glad in Austria they have the right approach to that sensitive matter > Mourning Mary

How to Photograph a Funeral :: 4 Tips I Hope you Never have to Use

Using Photography to Make a Heartfelt Difference for Australia for US

The Most Heartbreakingly Beautiful Newborn Photos You’ll Ever See

a touching tribute to baby Zion Isaiah Black. Diagnosed with Trisomy 18, an often fatal genetic disorder, he lived for just 10 days

I don’t know if such service exists in Europe.

Stillbirth causes a grief that hurts unlike any other

The Most Powerful Thing You Can Say to Another Mom

Her son died of a vaccine-preventable disease; here’s what one mom wants you to know

2 thoughts on “For little dying angels

    1. Thank you very much. The red really pops out, true 🙂 It’s a graveyard nearby. I like to stroll between tombstones and look at the dates, names faces of people that no longer are… It makes you appreciate life even more 🙂

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