A little bit better every time

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A couple of nights ago, I was awake at 4 am and saw all the stars twinkling in the sky. I thought “Oh, a photo”. Ended up spending an hour taking pictures with an open window in the cold. And it was cold ! I stopped when I thought – I don’t want to get sick, let’s close that window. The best shot I got was this vertical one below: 

Today I did the whole west side panorama. You really need the full view of the first pic to make the difference.

Ok the camera settings :

A small tripod on the window

Mode M

Iso 800  * I didn’t want to go for star trails , so 30 secs was the maximum exposure that I thought would be ok to have the stars at their place.

f stop 5,6

30 secs exposure

timer on 2 seconds

Manual focusing with the help  of the LCD screen ( see manual)

Do you blog? Every time I post something new , WordPress gives me numbers and a nice little quote.

This was my 112 post and the quote today was

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.Marsha Norman” .

It fits perfectly my post 🙂

And just as I finished this post, I had time to catch the last star before the sun makes it disappear .

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