Thank you, shutterstock

Even if being a stock photographer is not my goal, I like to see what is happening with my few photos that have been approved for sale. Even more , I appreciate the feedback that “shutterstock” gives to their contributors. When I saw a mail in my mailbox from someone called Jon Oringer , with subject “Thank you” , I almost pressed the thrash button , thinking “Damn, another spam mail”. But I am glad I took the chance and opened it. Here’s what it says :

“Dear Shutterstock Community,

Today was a very exciting day for Shutterstock – a day that wouldn’t have been possible without each of you. This morning, Shutterstock became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. This milestone is the result of many years of hard work and innovation, and perhaps most importantly, the incredible talent of each of our contributing artists. Together we have built a thriving, diverse, global creative marketplace that spans more than 150 countries.

I can still remember the day I started Shutterstock in 2003, out of my apartment. I was trying to solve a business need I had for quality stock photos at an affordable price. Before I knew it, demand for these images surpassed what I could provide and I opened the site up to other contributing artists. Since then the collection has grown to more than 20 million photos, illustrations and video clips from 35,000 unique and talented artists. I’m proud to say that the quality of your images has far surpassed those that I used to start the company. In fact, I’m quite certain that if I were applying today, I wouldn’t be approved!

As we celebrate this milestone, I would like to extend a sincere, heartfelt thank you for making this all possible. It is because of you that our marketplace is truly spectacular. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead, and will continue to work at making Shutterstock a rewarding experience for contributors.


Jon Oringer
Founder, CEO & Contributing Artist No. 1″

Isn’t this sweet?

October is a good month for sales of stock photos. It’s only the middle of it , but my sales are already the double from what I got last month. I have two “on demand” downloads so far.

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