La colère du ciel and how I shoot lightning at night

La colère du ciel (full size please!)

This is a composite from two photos. Click the video on the left to see the original photos that I used. They are actually pretty good on their own. I managed to get several thunderstorm shots as it was approaching. But the first ones were shoot at f16 and turned a but too dark for my taste. These two are at f 13 .Than came strong wind and the next photo had camera shake. I have missed some fabulous lightning as the camera was processing for ever to save the RAW file. I wish I had a second camera mounted on a tripod next to this one .

I am actually getting better with my lightning photos. These , I did last year about the same time. See the difference?

There was the full moon rising at the same time at my back and fireworks in Igls. Too many choices and only one cam !!!

Shot with the kit lens at 18 mm, ISO 100, F 13, and 199 and 320 sec exposure 🙂 Tripod and remote of course.

HEY, WordPress is now displaying the gifs as animations! How cool ! I’m gonna do some more…

How To Photograph Lightning

Step-by-step Guide to Long Exposure Photography

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