A Sunday at Bodensee / Lake Constance

We didn’t plan to go anywhere but to the nearby flea market. As we were on our way, I was browsing randomly the shields. “Bregenz”!

Let’s go there!I suggested a while ago that we go to Bodensee some day. And now, kids loaded and packed, why not, actually?As we drove past Völs and the market it started raining again.So I said :”Keep driving”. Even in the rain, Tirol is wonderful! Steep stone walls and high peaks disappearing in the clouds. Long forgotten fort ruins and watch towers still guarding the area. And all that lush green…

The Highway by Landeck

tunnels, tunnels, tunnels

I  wanted to see the famous ski resort of St.Anton for some time. It’s known as one of the top Austrian resorts. As we were driving through it, I was disappointed. The resort was spread along the road, mainly on the right side, stretching for kilometers and following the curves of the climbing road. This sort of disposition is pretty annoying, especially if you have to walk up the mountain  and the other way around for several kilometers to go to the pub or do the groceries. Been there, done that, thank you – not for me.

For the Arlberg mountain pass – turn right

Down the Arlberg Pass

The sky started to clear up and  the landscape started to flatten as we approached Lake Constance, and once we parked in Bregenz and walked up the port, beautiful sunny weather with strong breeze awaited us.

Two of the ships of Vorarlberg Lines

After admiring the futuristic “queen of the sun” ship , and feeding white swans with soletti, we boarded on a one hour boat cruise around the Bregenzer bay.

“Queen of the sun”

swans on the port

Bregenz is famous for its summer festival performances but especially its water stage. They build it each year with different design.

The water stage for the Bregenz performances

Lindau port panorama ( klick on picture for full size )

After alot of wind , sail and motor boats and an ordered beer that did not come , we returned in the port for some real food.

Water bar at the sea promenade / Bregenz

Stuben am Arlberg

A waterfall over the road by Klosterle

That’s all Folks 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Sunday at Bodensee / Lake Constance

  1. I love this post. Your photos are so great and bring memories to my mind. We stayed five day in Lindau and made excursions by our car around the Bodensee! Did You visit Mainau? it is also wonderful place for a visit.

    1. hi and thank you for comments and wonderful feedback. I have been in Lindau several times. It’s absolutely lovely but never made it to Mainau. I keep it in mind. Maybe for next summer 🙂

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