Macro with the 18-55 kit lens

I want to buy a reverse macro ring. But as I was looking for one online, I”ve stumbled on this tutorial DIY – Reverse Macro Ring. I got the camera body cap, but not the old unused filter. So what I did, was just dismount the lens, turn it around in front of the body and hold it. Than switched the lens to “manual focus”, looked for something to focus on and turned the big ring until the object started to clear up. Than turned the small focus ring. And than just moved the cam, while holding the lens in front until I got the focus where I wanted it. I am amazed by the result! Now need to buy a second hand old filter to make my own ring so I don’t have to hold the lens the whole time.

Macro shots – here I come !!!

These are flowers that I’ve crocheted from yarn. They are pretty small.

Second macro pic with the 18-55 turned around

This is as close as I get with the 18-55 mm , normally mounted. The 10 cents are for scale.

18-55 normally mounted

The reverse hand held takes a bit of practice, trial and error, as well as “manual” settings and “continual shooting” mode.

Second try – a raspberry flower

I know I haven’t blogged for ages. But this was worth sharing.

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