To pin or not to pin?

The idea of pinterest is simply awesome! A virtual online pinboard.

Pinterest: Inspiration for Photographers

As a visually orientated person, I find it simply genius. You can organize your pinboards by themes, grab any pic from the net or upload whetever is taking space on your hard drive. But the best part of it is that you can see other people’s boards and get ideas and inspiration. I already gathered enough for the next years to come.
This is my first thing I’ve done after a tutorial I’ve found via pinterest .Here is the petals folding totorial.

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I did some improvements on the flowers. First of all 7×7 square paper is too small to work with I used 9×9 cm , pre-cut square papers from a block notes cube. And after trying paper glue stick and allaround glue, from which nothing worked properly, I tried decoupage water based glue that you apply with pinsel. It bonds right away! Added a bead on a wire and slided it through the center of the paper flower. Wrapped the wire in yarn.:)

And there you have never fading flowers, that don’t need water or sun. Make as much as you want. In any color and size you want. They even use them for wedding decoration or brides bouquet .

The other thing I did , after studying some pinterest links are these crocheted hearts and flowers, for the window.  I am still perfectionning them and trying different sizes and colours, but they actually turned a pretty eye-catcher.

However, is it legal to pin? Or is it copyright infringment? See an interesting discussion here.
The main opinions are controvesrial. Some photographers say, they don’t have a problem being pinned as it is free advertisement. Others but would like to ban the possibility of pinning their photos. So I guess , to stay on the safe side. If there is a photographer that you follow and would like to pin, the best would be if you ask them how they feel about it.

My Brief Fling with Pinterest, Part 1

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