I wish I wish for snow


It has been cold for awhile, but no snow in sight.
This is my snow prayer. Let it snow , please!!!
Made in PS2 and animated in Image ready.
I know the snow doesn’t loop flawlessly around the end.
Nobody’s perfect…

HOW I made it? Fast walkthrough.

1.Open your image in Photoshop. 2.Make a transparent layer on top of it  3. With a white brush draw snowflakes.  4 duplicate layer and drag it up  5 merge both layers. 6.Go to Image ready  7.Duplicate first frame of animation  8.drag snowflakes layer down until you reach the end   9.Duplicate last frame  10.select both frames and press “twain animation frames” in animation window.I made 15 frames.Watch the program creatin the frames for you  11 . play animation  12.Save optimized as .GIF

Actually a nice tutorial on how to animate a picture in Photoshop can be found here

07 december 2011 – It took a bit, but my wishes have been heard. It started snowing this night finally. This is what I woke up to this morning…

P.S. I am sorry that I am posting rarely,but family is really time consuming right now .

Add snow to your pictures with these FREE snow overlays for Photoshop .

When I compare both animations, the first one works better because it’s a pic with snow on it. Of course it could be that snow just started to drop , like on the second one but I will avoid animating such pictures in the future.

Actually my best snow animation turned out to be this one. I am improving…

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