how to shoot and stitch panoramas with DLSR

The Canon 1000D doesn’t have a panorama shooting mode. So how do I shoot panoramas composed of several photos?

I used to have one on the Canon A700 that was quite handy for overlaping the shots. So how to shoot panoramas that are composed from several photos? First of all you need the same exposure settings for all the photos. So turn into “M” – manual mode. Remember if you want everything in focus, you need a bigger aperture – higher f number . Try f 11. than depending on the light, set the ISO. If you are wondering what setting to choose, turn the camera into “landscape” mode ( the one with the mountain ) ,zoom out and make a test shot with the whole panorama you want to shoot. Than review the picture , and use these settings for ISO, f-stop and shutter speed to shoot in Manual mode. Use a tripod, as you will need the camera as steady as possible. On a bright sunny day , hand held cam will do the job. Than start to shoot from left to right or right to left, up – down or down – up. Make sure that your single shots overlap each other with about 40-50%. This is necessary for the stitching program.
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I personally use the panorama maker from Arcsoft for stitching the shots.It was included in the software CD of a product I have bought. I find the results excellent and the program is easy to use.

You can also upload your photos online at the photosynth website , It will stitch them for you.

klick HERE to see the Castle Ambras panorama By: annamoritz

Another example I recently did with Arc Soft Panorama Maker was this construction site.

To make it, I took and stitched 4 shots in square order. This was a bit more complicated and required manual tuning several times, but it turned out nice and flawless at the end. Make sure your shots overlap with about 40-50 % so you can stitch them correctly. Here are the four start up  pictures.

Panoramic Photography – The Art of Stitching

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