100th download on Shutterstock and 51 approved photos

This is my 100th download on Shutterstock. I have been looking forward it so much !!! And today I got it.

For 100 downloads this is what I am getting.
If you think stock photography is easy money and you will get rich beyond your dreams, than you are wrong. But it’s a fun way to make money and I consider it rather a challenge to get better at making photos in this specific field that is stock and commercial photography. Plus think of it as a long term investment. You have a store with pictures that is open 24 / 7. You wake up in the morning or whenever and someone has bought a pic. You don’t need to do anything. Just work on getting more photos approved.

I see more and more often “download shutterstock” in the searches that take people to my site.

To download , you need to subscribe to the shutterstock site by clicking here. The subscribtion itself is free.They offer one free photo and illustration or vector per week, but if you want to download a specific picture, you will have to pay for it.The subscribtion plans have different options, starting from €39.00 EUR for 5 all jpeg and vector sizes or 12 small and medium size photos.
If you want to give it a try and sell your photos on shutterstock , you can register here. I would be glad to help if you have questions on your first 10 photos to submit.

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