‘Your camera takes great photos.’

Today I was looking at the search results about what brought people to my blog and what hit me is

This is about the same as ‘Your camera takes great photos.’ by Danny Santos II Great article by the way. A must read…

😀 😀 😀 Do you get the point? 😀 😀 😀

People think that by buying a SLR camera , they will automaticly get those “OOOHH” and “AAAHHH” and WOW shots.  I hate to break your bubble , but you won’t .

Now that about everyone owns some kind of camera device , either a point-and-shoot camera , or a camera phone or a DLSR , you would expect that it will make great photos by itself. So how come there is so much visual clutter everywhere? So many blurred photos , so many that I can’t tell what the hell are they about?

Beacuse people don’t know how to use them…

Whatever type of camera you have, there is a big chance it has some of these shooting modes . So take the time to read what each mode does for you to help you get better shots. You probably know most of the functions and gadjets of your phone, right?

A Canon 1000D will not take the photos for you. It’s YOU that will need to take the time and skills to know how to use its modes and manual settings at its best. Take a look at the Canon 1000D gallery at Deviantart. There are some good shots, some pretty average ones and some terrible shots. It’s up to you what you will get out of your camera.

Check out this great self-portrait gallery of a 15teen year old girl (talent doesn’t have an age) made with Canon 1000D. She has currently being exibited in the Royal gallery of Valencia, being featured on TV and the news.

Photography is like any other skill. It takes time to master. And alot of failed shots of course. But each failed shot, if you analyze it , will lead you to a better shot next time. So pulleaaseee , learn how to use that cam and save me all the visual clutter…It’s hurting my eyes…

And again…

Challenge yourself to make the best use of the camera you have at the moment. It’s YOU, that matters.

Ah, and if you think that putting “photography” after your name makes you a photographer and you can fool someone except yourself and your friends, I say you are wrong, honey. Come on! Been there , done that, learned my lesson.I would suggest,learn more about the the basics of photography before calling yourself “Photographer”.This will also help you orientate what equipment to buy.

Straight to the point – “Before you invest in more gear, invest in knowledge.” > Don’t Get Hung Up on Photography Gear

A Practical Guide to Insulting Photographers for Best Effect/a>

Why Some People Almost Always Take Awesome Photographs

Saying a Camera takes Nice Pictures is like Saying a Guitar Plays Nice Melodies

Why Good Photography Isn’t About the Gear

Why Good Photography Isn’t About the Gear

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