Night thunderstorm

It was flashing like in hell…First far away, than closer and closer…

The perfect occasion to try those long awaited lightning shots. Took the camera with the zoom lens first , mounted it on the tripod and after setting the timer to 2 seconds, adjusted the ISO to 100, Av mode and aperture to 9.

I am not sure that this is the best aperture for shooting lighning, but it worked good in this case.

The camera choose the shutter speed of 30 seconds.

Now the hard part about the focus. As the camera couldn’t find the focus on her own because of obscurity, I’ve let it go through the focucing process and back to start. As this is when it seemed the most sharp, changed the Auto Focus to Manual focus , to prevent the lens for refocusing and blurring again. I didn’t want to waste time on focusing manually , as the lightning show was raging with full force. Just pressed the “Click” button and watched the storm approaching. Every exposure took 30 seconds which allowed multiple flashes to illuminate the sky and be saved in one picture. I definitely missed some of the lighning, especially because I decided to turn on the “noise reduction for long exposures” feature which took for ever. I still got some great shots, much better than expected for a beginner in lightning photography.

The onIy thing I am sad I have missed, was a circular flash that started and ended in the same cloud.It never touched the ground. It’s the first time I see this happening !

After this shot, it started raining a little and the heavy wind was telling that the storm was approaching fast.

I enjoyed a bit more of this magic moment , and went inside just in time before I got soaked from the heavy water drops with the storm was passing over my head and heading further north-east.

About half an hour later , the moon and stars showed up like nothing happened…

Phew! What a beauty !!!

Just for the record….

My only previous flash shot was made some time ago, with the point and shoot camera on burst mode.

It’s the first time i managed to catch a flash on cam. Picture taken on 10.06.2008

Model: Canon PowerShot A700
F stop: F/5.0
Exposure: 1/640 sec.
Focal length: 5.8 mm
Metering mode: pattern (5)
Dimensions: 2400×1800
Shutter speed (Tv): 9,3

Photo featured on in “outdoors” on 22.02.2010

I don’t have a tip how to sucessfully catch lightning.
Eclairs et orages
Maybe this How to Photograph Fireworks will help you. Maybe not….I will keep on trying…

Check out these Storm Chasing: 13 Incredible Storm Photos

National Geographic – Thunderstorms Shoot Antimatter Beams Into Space

Lightning, Arizona /National Geographic photo of the day

9 thoughts on “Night thunderstorm

    1. If you get the chance, give it a go. It’s like a gamble. You can’t really predict where lightning will fall so you can compose your frame accordingly. It’s a hit and miss. At least for me. I got lucky last night 🙂

  1. very very nise i am just starting out my photography hobby and would like to make some money with stock photos any help would be appreciated.
    really really like your blog..

    1. Hi Mathew, and thanks for leaving a comment. As I just started selling stock photos some months ago, I haven’t sold much so far. Need to make twice the sales that I got until now, so that I get my first payment. Don’t expect much from stock in the beginning…after all you get 25 cents per sale. For me it’s more of a challenge than an income. It also can be quite frustrating with all the rejections at the beginning. If you have a photo gallery somewhere, I can take a look and tell you which photos could make (hopefully) it through the approval process…Cheeers

  2. Hello thanks for your reply, Basically I have just bought my camera which is the same as yours thats what interested me in your blog, I didn’t think the canon 1000 d was good enough to do stock photo’s, is that why you are not selling many photo’s, if not what do you think is the reason..

    I am going to do some photography lessons soon so that I will be able to use the camera properly.

    i don’t wish to make an income from stock photo’s but I just thought if i learn how to take good quality photos that look good I may aswell make a little bit of money from them..

    If you have any pointers for me that would be really good…

    And sorry I don’t have any photo’s to show you at the moment as I havn’t taken any…

  3. Hi Mathew,
    I had photos accepted for stock, that were taken with a point and shoot camera. Actually my best seller was taken with the Canon Power Shot A700 – . So it’s not even about owning a DLSR. It’s about what you make with it. And I have been taking photos since I can remember…
    I am not selling many photos because :First, I have only 45 photos that got appoved from shutterstock. You can’t expect to make much with that. People have over 1000 photos in their portfolios. Look for example at he is a much better stock photographer than I am.
    I am currently only submitting pics to shutterstock because I don’t have time for other agencies, but I think you should first read and decide which stock agency to start with.
    And second, stock photography is commercial photography – think ads and commercials to start with. These are the best sellers on shutterstock , to give you an idea. .
    You got most of the things that they will teach you in photography class here : . So take out that cam of yours ,read the manual to learn which button is for what and start making photos. That’s the only way to learn,
    If I have any ‘message’ worth giving to a beginner it is that there are no short cuts in photography.” – Edward Weston
    You got hard work ahead waiting for you…

  4. Thank you for your great response, I am slowly going through all the information that you have provided me and am very grateful..can’t wait to read more from you

  5. hey thanks. I was browsing through the site comments and for some reason wordpress has qualified yours as spam. not sure why . Glad I found them before they got deleted by the system . Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I have put the site mainly for myself, so I can keep track on different links, resources and tutorials. And of my progress too. I am glad that others also find it useful . 🙂

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