Adventures down the street – photo story

I woke up today with a full arch of rainbow outside. By the time I threw a shirt on and grabbed the cam, this is all that was left of it.

Remains of a rainbow in the morning

Anyways, I thought “It is not raining , I’d go for a walk to make some photos and pick some flowers”. Kid has some spots on the back, looking like an allergy or measlesActually she is vaccinated against all those kids deseases, so it shouldn’s be the latest. I suggested that she stays home with man , that had a running nose and apparently was not feeling well either. I dressed up , picked camera , scissors, foldable knife and plastic bags for the goodies. To my suprise , man got dressed aswell and said that he wants to join. Damn , I wanted to go ALONE, but well…

I warned him, that I don’t need to be rushed as I like taking my time with photos and just enjoying the walk.

As we passed by a house that they started building this year, there was a topping out tree (Richtbaum) at the top left corner, meaning that the house and the roof have been finished. Than came a little hill on the right where I found some thymus for my cough.

As we continued through flower , corn and wheat fields with poppies, we found a well hidden pond surrounded with white, red and black berries.It was supplied with fresh water by a tiny stream.

I didn’t try the red and white ones, but the black berries were delicious. Sweet and a bit sour too. Very refreshing and fruity.Sooo while man was picking berries, I took a walk around the pond. There were bee houses and a plantation of pine trees, probably for christmas, on the back.
The fauna around the pond was much more interesting. There were black hairy caterpellars (I wonder …do they turn into black butterflies?) and blue dragonflies…

8 Tips For Photographing Dragonflies
But I was still hoping there was fish in the pond too… As I walked by the water and tried to find something, suddenly the water started to move…I thought” oh hey, there are the fishies…” but than when I looked closer , there was a head and a loong tail…The time I change the lens , the lord of the pond swam to the other side and was almost gone.
I researched it once home, on the internet if it was venomous , it turned out that it is a harmless Grass snake. Actually they have pretty interesing self-defense tricks – they either pretend they are dead or produce a garlic-smelling fluid from the anal glands.

Grass snake

The sun came from behind the clouds too…

And as we were walking home, I thought “Wow, that’s really a pretty place to live…”
For this last photo , I used my fake HDR action.

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