75th download and 38 photos accepted so far

Soo this the 75th download so far . This particular pic has been bought quite often lately.It even got an “on demand” download.
I really like shutterstock’s latest feature – Downloads per Keyword. This helps me get an idea what keywords brought to sale. And how to improve my keywording.
And I am soo far from my goal of 100 approved images. Only 38 have passed the criteria so far. I recently got 2 more approvals in a row after having whole submission of about 10 images being rejected , each of them for as many as 4 different issues. Which makes me quite insecure about what goes and what not. I am really confused.

If you want to give it a try and sell your photos on shutterstock , you can register here. I would be glad to help if you have questions on your first 10 photos to submit.

To download , you need to subscribe to the shutterstock site by clicking here. The subscribtion itself is free. The subscribtion itself is free.They offer one free photo and illustration or vector per week, but if you want to download a specific picture, you will have to pay for it.

One thought on “75th download and 38 photos accepted so far

  1. Hi Anna! Yes that feature is pretty cool, give us the idea of what a buyer is looking for and good to following batches to don´t miss that important keywords! Have a great day!

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