50th download on Shutterstock

My 50 th download on Shutterstock.
I recently got 4 approved out of 5 submitted photos, and this is one of them. This hasn’t happen since I submitted my first 10 pics.
How can I sell my photos and get some money??
How much do you get at Shutterstock per photo download – see table
dreamstime price list
7 Sites To Sell Your Stock Photographs

Do you have what it takes to be a microstock photographer? See the following artists for reference :
Meet a Shutterstock Contributor: Ana de Sousa
Meet a Shutterstock Contributor: Kati Molin’s webpage and see her portfolio Kati Molin at shutterstock
Meet a Shutterstock Contributor: Binkski

Footage – start shooting video with your DLSR

Reverse Image Search

I see more and more often “download shutterstock” in the searches that take people to my site.

To download , you need to subscribe to the shutterstock site by clicking here. The subscribtion itself is free.They offer one free photo and illustration or vector per week, but if you want to download a specific picture, you will have to pay for it.

If you want to give it a try and sell your photos on shutterstock , you can register here. I would be glad to help if you have questions on your first 10 photos to submit.

4 thoughts on “50th download on Shutterstock

  1. Wow hey Luis, Thanks for stopping by! I actually got the idea of starting keeping track of downloads from you 😀 Hope you don’t mind. For this particular photo I was thinking if I clone out the inscription, and submit it into “sings” would that make sense?
    Actually no, with the new feature on shutterstock, showing the downloads per keywords , “Innsbruck” is what led buyers to this image.

  2. Hi Anna

    Thanks for visiting my site and commenting on one of my long posts on how to get started in this business! Nice picture, but I don’t think I would clone out the words – not only would that be quite difficult to do well, but it would lose its place in the searches as there are probably thousands of wooden signs, but not many that say Innsbruck!


    1. You know Steve , you are absolutely right!
      The latest feature of Shutterstock, showing the keywords search that led to image sale,showed that this photo got sales because it it is saying “Innsbruck”. Thanks for your visit and kind words.

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