Wohoooo!!! My first “On Demand Download”

On Demand subscriptions allow customers to purchase downloads that can be used anytime for up to a year. An “All JPG and Vector Sizes” On Demand plan pays out starting at $XXX per image download, while a “Small & Medium JPG Sizes Only” plan pays out starting at c XXX per image download. Your payouts increase as your lifetime earnings increase.”

Not really sure what this all means, but this is the highest rate I got from a download so far. And just some random info – Shutterstock reached recently the 14 million pics database.

18 march 2011 got my second on demand download >

It’s one that I really like. I used to live couple of streets from Alexander Nevski cathedral and could hear the bells on sundays when street traffic was low. The funny thing, when I look at the “Latest downloads” map is that it has been bought from someone from US west coast. Wondering what for?…

If you want to give it a try and sell your photos on shutterstock , you can register here. I would be glad to help if you have questions on your first 10 photos to submit.

To download , you need to subscribe to the shutterstock site by clicking here. The subscribtion itself is free.They offer one free photo and illustration or vector per week, but if you want to download a specific picture, you will have to pay for it.

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