Winter in the alpine zoo , Innsbruck

The Importance of ‘Enough’ Depth of Field in Wildlife Photography

It was snowing so I thought :”Oh great! Let’s go to the Alpenzoo”.

For Alpenzoo , go right

Ibex statue greets you at the entrance

Ducks warming their noses

Bear was feeling lonely

The great thing is that you can go in the voiliere , so no fence between you and the birds

Owls sleep in the day but still look creepy

This red hooded little fellow was quite shy – it took awhile untill I caught him with the cam

Mountain goats fly from rock to rock with such agility

Lynx was sleeping high perched on a pine tree

And again those cuties

Moose were being lazy

…while vultures were trimming their feathers

…and a little curious bird came to see us

…while another one was playing with the snow

Pray and Bearded Vulture all in the same cage

Ibex doing his cleaning too

…as the eldery were weary

…and the kids were feeding

Known as “the English grave”, this tombstone can be seen between the reindeer and the wild boars in the Alpine Zoo of Innsbruck .
The inscription says “here lays Richard H. Tooth, born in Coleshill, England.Ha was only 23 years old, but because of his illness he was taken care of by a friendly hand in the castle Weiherburg (the castle located next to the zoo) from sept 1939 to 20 febr 1940.

The English grave

The English grave

Buffalo and wolf

Oink Oink, mama swine was hiding her eyes with her ears

Beatiful view over Innsbruck covered with snow

Black stork

The founder of the zoo – Prof. Hans Psenner

Winter fruits


The Weiherburg

vis a vis of the Hungerburg furnicular there is this house in the woods

Now that I pay more attention to the lighting conditions, I have to say I was very lucky that day.
A cloudy sky , no harsh shadows, nice white , gray and brown colors with color splashes here and there. The photos look great next to each other. 🙂

This is my first ever photo story – I hope you enjoyed it .

7 Tips for Photographing at the Zoo

4 thoughts on “Winter in the alpine zoo , Innsbruck

  1. Hi Anna,

    I am very much Impressed with your photography. I own the same Canon 1000d camera. I would really appreciate if you can share some Photography tips.


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