OMG!!OMG!!!I sold stock images!!!

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It took me several submissions just to get my ID approved. Than to read the guidelines. To upload my best 10 stock photos through Filezilla – a special program for upload images through ftp server (there is also a normal upload option from the browser itself, but I figured this out later). How to choose only 10 out of so many that I got ?!!  .  Describe and tag them with appropriate word that need to be at least 7…than get error message 😦
Today I logged back in and finally, fixed the last errors and submitted my first stock images.I tried it before but in vain – I always got this error message back! Today was my lucky day. Dunno why. Tadaaaa!!! Than received a mail that 9 of them have been approved. I re-logged to check and wohooo!!! Surprise !!! I got 2 sales!!!
My first ever photo sales!!! This is so wonderful!!!
“Shutterstock is the largest subscription-based stock photo agency in the world.Over thirteen million stock photos!!!”
And I got a sale!!! 2 from 9 approved out of of those 13 milion …. amazing!!! 😉
You can see the two lucky winners above…
wohoo… couple of hours later – 2 more pics sold 🙂 how nice!Tonight I will be making some money as I sleep :))
So , this thing works, but in order to generate more income , I need more approved images in my gallery. I uploaded my next 18 pics for approval…and waited, and waited…until almost all of them got rejected. Only 2 made it in the gallery.
16 nov – 5 more pics approved. wohooo!!! After 30 that were rejected, it’s a success for me.
If you want to submit photographs of people , you will need a iStockphoto Photography Standards: Model Releases very well explained with photo examples.
Take a look at food photographs but also see shutterstock most popular food images

Keep in mind the Image restrictions. Photos containing any of these will be rejected for copyright infingment.As a general rule, any brands, logos , company signs are better off your photos. Either by framing them out or by deleting them in photoshop.

If you want to give it a try >
Submit Photos to Shutterstock and make $$$!

And just before you start pulling your hair off , take a laugh at this Microstock: why would a reputable company do this to themselves?

To download , you need to subscribe to the shutterstock site by clicking here. The subscribtion itself is free. – stock photography blog stock photographer

5 thoughts on “OMG!!OMG!!!I sold stock images!!!

  1. hey anna.. you totally deserve it.. it really a beautiful pic. congrats, good luck and keep it up!

  2. Thank you guys, I really didn’t thought it will be that easy! C’mon what are 9 images among 13 million? But it works and I am looking forward to upload more pics into my gallery. It’s all about numbers…

  3. Anna, it is the most exciting thing when you have a stock site come back and give you a big green tick. We have all been through the submitting and rejection game and how it makes you just want to give up submitting all together. DON’T! Keep them coming and maintain a thick skin at all times!

    All the best and welome to the microstock club!


  4. hi anna.. look who comment on your blog… david sherjan.. it so COOL!!!!!!!!!!… congrats anna..

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