Lighting sources – flash, strobes, softboxes etc

Learn from the pro’s

DIY Lighting Hacks for Digital Photographers

Understanding and Harnessing the Flexibility of Artificial Light

Beginners Guide to Using TTL Off-Camera Flash

How to Shoot Professional-Looking Headshots
and Portraits on a Budget with Small Flashes

10 Useful Websites to Learn Lighting

Choosing the Best Canon Speedlite Flash for Your Needs

Studio Lighting – Flash Mounted homemade DIY Softbox

Natural vs Available Light for Kid Photography [What I Learned from Shooting with Film 2]

the quality of light

Using Just One Light

creating a home photography studio on budget

How to Set Up a Lighting Studio for Macro Flower Photography


How to Make An Inexpensive Light Tent – DIY

5 Types of Light Shapers and What They Do

The complete DIY SoftBox 40cm*40cm (for less than 10$!!!)

reflecting the light

Taking Amazing Studio Portraits On a Tight Budget

Cinema Lighting for Beauty Photography

Why use a light reflector disc

How To Photograph Wine Bottles on White Background

An Introduction to Buying Studio Flash Lights

Isolation Lighting in studio

Embracing and Experimenting with Small Light Sources

High Key Portrait Lighting Tutorial
“high key is shot on a white background, typically seamless paper or a cyc (cyclorama) wall, but can also be against a simple white wall or other similar white background.”

Low Key Portrait Lighting Tutorial

How to Master High Key and Low Key Lighting for Fashion Photography

Lighting in the Dark: Summer Reading

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