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A Quick and Easy Way to Make Money with your Photography While Having Some Fun

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I am far from charging for my shots until I consider them good enough, but hey this is always a good advice in the jungle of photography.

6 Tips for Setting your Photography Prices by Elizabeth Halford

Turning Pro: Part 4 – Money making ideas

Before You Shoot for Peanuts, Consider the Risks

Photo CD or printed photos

selling your work

10 Web Site Strategies for Emerging Photographers

Model Release

“Hey there, lovely! Welcome to the first chapter of Easy as Pie, the common sense pricing guide for modern portrait photographers. I’m Alicia. This is my book. And this…is your life:
It’s happened. You were smack-dab in the middle of a heap of Photoshop work, you’d just answered a few client calls, the phone was still ringing, the e-mails were piling up, and the latest barrage of prints and canvases and photo books and goodies had just arrived from the lab, the UPS guy commented on your morning breath, you realized you hadn’t moved from the computer in the last nine hours and fourteen minutes…and you thought, ‘I’M NOT GETTING PAID ENOUGH FOR THIS.’
Being overwhelmed and crazy-busy often means your products and services are underpriced. But how do you raise pricing, and when? And by how much? And…and…and…
Relax. Pricing, we can handle. For morning breath, you’re on your own.
We’ll discover the perfect pricing fit for YOUR business, as there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will achieve spectacular results. Some photographers prefer the slow-and-steady approach, while others rocket their prices to what-seems-like-the-moon and experience success. There’s a right way for you, and we’ll find it – together.
Stick with me, and your photography business will double its current level of awesome in no time. Easy” > link

to go pro – you need to specialize step by step – make an action plan

6 Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You – Unless You Ask

The Top 5 Sales Mistakes Costing You Money Right Now

Have a laugh Shit photojournalists like…

An Open Letter To A Local Photographer Great post – read till the end 🙂


Selling Prints :

Bigoom: amazing fine art print for all your fans

freelancingfor free

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