RAW format

“If a RAW is the negative, then the JPEG would be like making a print from a negative, scanning it, and editing from the scanned file.”

I have been avoiding using RAW picture format as you need a special program to work on the the raw files. But today I came accross Why You Are Missing Out by Shooting in JPEG and decided to edit some RAW files that I already have. First I played around with the colors.  What annoys me is that in both cases there is significantly more noise after editing.I must have been doing something wrong.

Actually the best result I got was with the third edit. See for yourself :

with 2 klicks – one for the “Brightness adjustment” , and one, how convenient, just as the camera’s white balance adjustment “daylight” and the photo is restored. Which is impossible to be achieved from a JPEG file, as the original pic was overexposed and with the wrong white balance. Even if you try to adjust the levels or curves, there will be info missing and the picture will still look blown out.

why you should shoot in RAW and why RAW
Should we ever sell raw, unedited images?
Adobe Camera RAW for Beginners: Basic Adjustments

4 Reasons to Switch to JPEG

The major advantage in shooting RAW has to do with dynamic range or exposure latitude and flexibility of process. – See more at: http://www.modelmayhem.com/education/photography/8425-qa-with-robert-randall?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=edu#sthash.WHiZmGX2.dpuf

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