Self painted eggs

Awesome idea, need to try : silk dyed easter eggs

This year I was determined – I am gonna paint the eggs for easter!
I remembered it has to be on thursday, but which one? I was getting prepaired to do it last thursday, but than a friend told me it’s the next one. Either thursday or saturday. So I said “ok, I’ll wait for a week”. Eggs were laying patienty in the fridge until today.
We were always tainting the eggs when I was a kid. It’s a great tradition.Now that I have my own little family, I would like to pass those magic moments.

See the basket in 3D > klick here

I was browsing some beautiful easter set pics , when I came up with a new idea to try. Use a puncher to cut shapes to make stickers or use ready ones and stick them to the egg before dying it. It works miracles!!! The area where the stickers were , remained uncolored. The stickers , fell off , leaving the glue that I put glitter on.At the end you rub all eggs with oil to make them shiny .

Out of the blue, it started snowing today…Just when I thought I need to plant some flowers on the balcony… this is our neighbour’s secret garden 😉

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