Sunny Beach – The pearl of the Black sea coast

I wrote this guide to Sunny Beach 10 years ago for a tourist site. As its hosting services are closing, I am moving the info here, someone might find it useful.


Sunny Beach – Our lovliest and biggest resort

or check Sunny Beach 3D interactive map to find the location of the hotel you’re staying or just see the resort from a bird’s view.

Resort Capacity – 400 000beds ( 30 . 04. 2008)

Sunny Beach and Nessebar 2200 hours of beach party
2200 hours by year is the time that the sun is shining upon our most famous resorts on the Black Sea. The party there is always to its fullest, even with the enormous amount of construction going on in the latest years.

In the bay between Nessebar and St Vlas is the resort of Sunny Beach. It stretches from the last hills of the Balkan mountain at north,to the Ancient Peninsula of Nessebar at South .
Seperated from the capital with 400km distance, 100km from Varna and 35 from Burgas.Every summer thousands of tourists are choosing this sunny coast for their vacation.
Only for the season summer 2005, 250 millions euro were invested in building new hotels and infrastructures. The expectations for the season are that its capacity will be filled at 100%.

In 2005, on the south Black sea coast spreading from Saint Vlas to Sinemoretz will be opened 40 new hotels. Only in Sunny Beach they are 11 and along with them the total amount of hotels becomes 130. The capacity of the resort is 50 000 beds.
In the middle of may was finished the construction of 6 of the new hotels in Sunny Beach – 100 millions of euros are invested in them. Their first guests are expected at the beginning of June.The biggest one is “Majestic”,that can accomodate up to 1000 gusts. “Meridian”and “Imperial” are among the new names too.

info from “Your Bulgaria” a free guide for tourism june 2005

Sunny Beach back in history

2860299-sunny_beach_at_dusk_sunny_beachSunny Beach at dusk

In medieval times, the bay situated between Cape Emine and Nessebur had two large fresh water wells; residents earned a living by selling drinking water to Nessebar, which had none of its own. This area is now known as Sunny Beach. Started in 1958 and the largest of the country’s beach resorts. Today, the wide, six-kilometer-long beach is generally regarded as the best on the coast with 6 km sand line and water temperature between 22 and 28 degrees .

As the time for summer holidays approaches, you might be looking for info on Sunny beach resort. If you have not decided yet, Sunny beach is definitely worth it. With its endless opportunities of entertainment, sports, good and cheap food if you know where to look,cheap and unlimited alcohol, long beach , warm water , clubs ,beautiful girls, and….and…..Are you still not sure? Go get a your ticket,I might see you there….If You ‘re looking for a PARTY resort – Sunny beach is the place to be.

And last but not least don’t forget to visit is the wonderful Old Nessebar town,located on a peninsula just some 6 km from the center of Sunny Beach.
check out my Nessebar page.
Nessebar – part of UNESCO world heritage

The Beach

Sunny Beach Rooftops view :)) from Kalina Garden

The beach of sunny beach is absolutely amazing – 6 km long ,covered with powder fine white sand is always there awaiting you. various sport activities, water adventures, pirate cruises, beach volleyball and beach bars , horse riding , parachute , banana boats, jet ski etc are here for your amusement.

Sea water has healing properties and does wonders to your immune system , don’t miss a chance to have a swim >> Virtues of the sea water – in french

Sunny Beach through the season
(Important to know when planning your holiday)

May – In may construction going on at some places that need to be finished for the season. The resort is slowly waking up from hibernation. Bars and restaurants are opening. Still Quet. Beach not set yet with parasols and sunbeds. Sea is crystal clear but cold for swimming.
June – Everything working , resort not too crowded.
July and August – Welcome to the “ALCOHOL TOURISM METROPOLE”
Turning more and more into a youth preferred resort , especially in july and august, for its reputation of cheap alcohol and 24hrs drinking parties. What happens is basically this : drunken hoards of young kids stroll through the central streets and the hotels – they could be on organized disco tour for example – which makes them scream like they’re going on a football game,shouting and singing in all the languages all night long ,knocking on wrong room doors , throwing up everywhere, drinking more etc etc….. if this is not your type of party , avoid at any price “Lazur”disco ,”Mamacitas” the beach bars in the center around “Amigo” bar, and all the hotels with central location. Or alternatively bring couple of pairs of earplugs.
“Mania” club is mainly a place for Bulgarians.So is “Tiffany” where you go to be seen , Bedroom and Cacao Beach.
September – Has still everything open but the crowds of druken kids have gone home for school. Sea water is still warm. Best time for holiday!!!
October – Sunny Beach is similar to a Ghost Town- very few hotels are still operating and the feeling of abandon is floating in the air. Beach Bars are wrapped in planks and plastic foil to survive the harsh winter winds. All streets are deserted and night lights are off. It’s pure joy if you meet one or two people walking around.



Dentist – Dr Jordanov 0888684766

lynne30 Mon Aug 20, 2007 18:08 EEST
We have been to Sunny beach it was a great holiday your tips and comments were very helpful.

“May 19, 2007 12:36
hi anna what a wonderful country Bulgaria really is, we ate at Djannys food divine and the staff so helpful . we will return again in September, and
hopefully explore more of this beautiful land, thank you so much for your help . regards, marcia & mandy.”

keithjreed Sun Jul 15, 2007 08:31 EEST
This was a great tip. Ate in Djannis three nights and Condor once. Each night was really good. Don’t be put off by having to queue to get in, the short wait is well worth it. You can tell how good it is by the number of locals who use them.

Sunny beach homepage

Sunny Beach – resort and hotels review

Pros and Cons
  • Pros:Unlimited opportunities for entertainment and fun
  • Cons:Insane amount of construction , doubling from year to year!!!
  • In a nutshell:The Best Resort on the Bulgarian Coast

Things to Do

3723949-get_a_tattoo-sunny_beachGet a tattoo

Sunny Beach is a great place to get that tattoo you’ve wished for so long. Wherever covering your old ones / see pic / or getting a new one , you have a wide choice of tattoo studios and artists to choose from. Some are good , others are better. Prices are reasonable , but at least twice cheaper than in your home country. Alot of tattoo artists that started working here are already internationally known and are working abroad in countries such as Spain , Finland , Cyprus etc.

Horseriding at the beach

you ride on Sunny Beach itself – just walk the beach promenade in the afternoon – there are guys renting horses.To be precise in front ot hotel Chaika beach and hotel Majestic.There are probably others but I know these two. These are no fancy horses – they are carriage pulling horses. it’s more like a side income for the guys with the carriages.If you want race quality horses ,you have to go to the horseriding base – but than they don’t take you to the beach.They offer horseriding trips in the country and nearby hills.

Directions: hotel Chaika beach and hotel Majestic.

Sunny Beach Beach Review

2129737-sunny_beach-sunny_beachExcept Hotels,shops and Clubs ,there is not much else in Sunny Beach. So if you expect to interact with Bulgaria , you’d better go to the Ancient town of Nessebar ( see my transportation Tip on how to get there )to experience Traditional Renaissance Architecture and Byzantine Ruins or Take a “Bulgarian Evening” – the one that your REPs are offering you .
Besides that , Sunny Beach Hotels are in an endless competition of who’s gonna be the biggest, the prettiest,the most expensive. They build and build and build…
the number of the hotels in Sunny Beach is around 130 till the present moment.

Sunny Beach sunrises

3016445-sunny_beach_sunrises-sunny_beachBecause Sunny Beach you can not watch sunsets over the sea (one exception will be if you go to the Old town of Nessebar – you will have the chance to see the sun reflecting in the waters of the bay, Or if you take a boat at that time too). But if you wanna get romantic, you have to wake up early in the morning to meet the first sun rays.

Portrait Painters

Forget the cheap and kitschy souvenirs, the best thing to bring home is a family portrait. So think before and bring a good photo of your kids or relatives. There is a whole alley with portrait painters.And of course some are better than others in catching your face features. Chose yourself or ask me – I can refer you to the best ones.3724628-portrait_painters-sunny_beach

Directions: Vis a Vis from hotel Merkurii, or by Corner Bar , take the street on your left when walking in direction of the sea.

Buy a piece of Bulgaria – Real Estate Business

Real estate business is Booming in the Sunny Beach area ,and as a matter of fact in the whole country. Prices are shockingly low so no wonder that Bulgaria is on its way of becoming the new Spain. Plenty of Brits have already bought property . And more are to come ,hopefully.


80 1/2 % water – 100% action

1..Black hole
2.Giant Slide
4.Crazy River
8.Hydrohute Kamikaze
9.Wave Pool
10.Lazy River
11.Water Castle
12.Children Pool
13.Pirate Ship
15.Adults Pool
16. Self Service Restaurant
17.Icecream Shop
19. Coca Cola Bar
20.Nescafe Frappe Bar
21.Carlsberg Bar
22. Absolut Bar
23. Gift Shop and photo
24.Beach Volleyball
25. Children playground
water area open 10;00 – 19;00
Bars 20;00 – ….
fax – 0554 26246

Address: Action Aquapark , Sunny Beach

Directions: NEW! SEASON 2007 -Free transport to Aquapark with small busses that run through the resort every 15 minutes/ check flyer for pick up points/

Other Contact: fax – 0554 26245

Phone: phone- 0554 26235 or 262236


3016453-sharena_sol_colorful_salt-sunny_beachSharena Sol – Colorful salt

This is something YOU SHOULD bring home from Bulgaria. It’s a spices mix, absolutely delicious – you can use it on meat ,beans or just a toast with melting butter – it’s our national mix of herbs – made out of the tree colors of our flag – green for tchubritsa , red for sweet pepper and white for salt. It comes in funny bottles , decorated with faces made out of the herbs themselves.

The Stormy Sea Sea Review

3016444-the_stormy_sea-sunny_beachIf you are lucky to be in Sunny Beach by stormy weather – go to the pier and challenge the waves!
It is a powerful experience…
I never thought I could see high waves in this deep bay , but here – I got a proof that the sea can be angry aswell in Sunny Beach – it has dragged in the water all the bay watchers posts and the turbulence of the waves dug underwater holes in the sand.

Sunny Beach Sunsets Beach Review2860318-sunny_beach_sunsets-sunny_beach

Even tho not so spectacular as the sunrises over the sea by cap Emine ,the sunsets over Sunny Beach are still nice to be seen. Somehow over the land , the breeze manages to sculpt the clowds in curious shapes that can let your imagination fly and your camera click:)))

The Full Moon over the Sunny Beach Bay Beach Review

2860327-the_full_moon_over_the_sunny_beach_bay-sunny_beachThe Full moon tracing a light path in the still waters of the bay is a great sight . I can’t wait for the water to get warmer so I can go for a swim at night. Sometimes when there is more plankton in the water – is sparkles and shines between your fingers while you swim ..ever seen this?

The Beach Beach Review

The main ressource of Sunny Beach is ….

the Beach2839919-the_beach-sunny_beach
I love it especially when the sun sets down and the beach gets empty. You can take a walk on the wet sand having for company the seagulls ,the waves and your thoughts…..It’s a great way to relax :)) I went yesturday horseriding at night – you can do it as well – there is a boy with a horse opposite to Majestic hotel . Sometimes dogs come to keep you company – if you don’t harm them ,they won’t hurt you….2838501-beach_activities_price_list_summer_2006-sunny_beach

Make a sand figure !!!2164352-titanic-sunny_beach
I found the Titanic ,while walking along the beach at dusk…it’s the best time 4 a beach walk, because the sun is mild and the tourists are gone 4 dinner.


The Panorama street

The Panorama street of Sunny beach spreads from one end of the bay to the other. You will see here the most expensive and glamorous hotels on one side and the fine sand beach and the sea on the other side.

Kuban hotel

2838606-kuban_hotel-sunny_beachKuban hotel is one of the two high hotels in Sunny Beach and an important orientation point. The other hotel is called Bourgas and has a yellow ring on top of it. Both can be seen from afar and will help you with where you wanna go. Kuban hotel is the pure heart of Sunny Beach and the main shopping streets and entertainment are around. It has a Mexican garden with scale models of Inca temples and a swimming pool.
The disco club of the hotel was never a popular place – you can see the amazing statue of the Alien of H.R. Giger decorating the entrance.

The Storchs fly south in august 1997

2129709-the_storchs_fly_south_in_august_1997-sunny_beachIf you are lucky ,you might see the storchs flying to Africa in august. They are forming an endless line that will be passing over your head for some time. so you could just lazily lay on the beach and try to count them. Good luck,just don’t fall asleep.

Warnings Or Dangers

Stay away from disco clubs in Nessebar

Wherever “Vigo” or the other clubs in Nesebar, stay away from there. Of course the mafia that runs the resort also likes the area. It’s where they are to be found. And believe me, you won’t be safe there. So , I strongly reccomend that you stick to Lazur, Eisberg, and the clubs that are located within Sunny Beach’s resort.

ATMS and PIN thieft

This is another article I read today and thought would share with you. The article is in bulgarian and is about the Varna black sea region, but I am sure they are using the same tricks in Sunny Beach. Basically a small chip (see article photo) is inserted in the ATM reading slot, which transfers you pin and card details to the thefts.

Pickpockets and Thieft

As in many places where there is a concentration of people , there are pickpockets in Sunny Beach. Watch out for gipsy women with kids , they are specially skilled – you won’t even notice how it all happened. Do not expect to see a typical gipsy , like the ones begging on the streets . The pickpocket gipsies are well dressed and look more or less like any one around , usually have bleached blond hair, wear gold , have mobiles etc – this is organised crime.
The latest area I saw them operating was the bus Sunny Beach – Nessebar. And they were not 3-4 in number as usual , but over 10!! They stay jammed at the door and steal while you try to get in or out of the bus. They were so effective they robbed 2 persons for 2 stations – the second one did not enjoy it and pulled one of the girls out of the bus and started beating her . As much as I am against violence – this is the only time I agree with such reaction.
Watch out for a group of women – they usually work together by 3 or 4 and have a kid with them.

Same those gipsies are to be found on the central alley of Sunny Beach ,at the crossing of the seside promenade and the street leading form Kuban hotel to the main pier. They run to you offering you sex, and by the time you realize it, your wallet is gone…

Bull riding

4563985-bull_riding-sunny_beachBeware of those bull riding gadjets. Some of them do not posess the required landing protection . The guy operating the one behind Lazur disco told us that he doesn’t have a safety license approval , that’s why he operates it only at night when he cannot be caught.
Avoid especially if you come out of Lazur drunken. He was talking about broken heads , and other horryfying stories – STAY AWAY!!!

Rip off exchange offices

3713438-rip_off_exchange_offices-sunny_beachAvoid at any price the exchange offices on this pic. They are guaranteed to rip you off, and there is nothing you can do about it. Pay attention that the hyper high exchange rate that they have (for example 1,97 for euros at a possible 1,94 in the bank)displayed is for selling foreign currency , not for buying it. As a matter of fact, they never have a rate for buying. We have one of those across our hotel and I can hear daily the screams of people that have been tricked. Even if you call the police it won’t help, so better don’t bother – it’s a waste of your time, efforts and nerves. Somehow they managed to have a legal way for fraud, so be careful. On the other hand , the “Crown” exchange offices are very good and have a good rate.I can recommend them.

Street money dealers

You might get offered to exchange money on the streets by being offered a very high rate – do not do this – you won’t even see how you’ll get tricked. You usually receive paper instead of money bills.

Tab water is no good for drinking

We , bulgarians know that water along the coast is no good for drinking – so if you want to avoid stomach problems , diarrhea etc, avoid drinking tab water.Not that it’s poisonous, but you will likely get stomach cramps or related. Keep in mind that tab water is usually used for preparation of tarator – bulgarian traditional cold yogurt / cucumbers soup.Shame , as it’s one of the lovliest and most refrreshing traditional drinks/could be used as a drink too/.See how you can prepare it home on my Bulgaria page – restaurants section/.
On the other hand you shouln’t miss our delicious mineral water – Devin and Gorna Banya are my favorites.

Sea gap

3016389-sea_gap-sunny_beachBeware – this is nature and it is unpredictable . Sometimes after heavy winds ,waves and stormy weather , sea gaps open in the sand below the surface. Which results in a sharp drop and you might fast loose the ground under your feet along with a currant that draws you away from land. Be prepared if you are not a good swimmer. Better safe than sorry!!!


2887866-bears-sunny_beachIt’s been awhile since they disappeared from Sofia – the Bears that were forced to dance by gipsies on the central streets.  Brigitte Bardot that was collecting them to put them in a bears refuge. Anyways – I saw they still torture them in Sunny Beach, pulling them by the nose through the central alley.This is such cruelty ! And no bear deserve this!
Please if you meet them ,do not give them money – maybe they will decide to get a real job if the “bear business” doesn’t pay so well…..

Rain in Sunny Beach3016406-rain_in_sunny_beach-sunny_beach

There is something about the rainshowers in Sunny Beach – they are terrible!!! Usually heavy rain along with winds and thunderstorm drop from the sky for about an hour or two – good enough to transform the place in little venice with all the water runnung in the strets to reach the sea.


well they seem to have sprung from the thin air , but hoards of mosquitoes are invading sunny beach lately . Bring a mosquito spray or you’ll be eaten alive!!!

Construction sites – 7 june 20062847420-construction_sites_7_june_2006-sunny_beach

Even tho construction works were supposed to be canceled starting from the 1st of June , Some hotels are still being built even today – 07 june 2006 . They probably have a special permit.

Bourgas Airport

Burgas Airport is situated in the bay on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 10 km north-east of the city of Burgas.

Burgas Airport has been built on an area of 2 532 000 sq m, including a cargo centre as well. It has a 3 200 m runway capable of receiving the heaviest types of aircraft such as Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet and An 124 Rouslan.

One of the greatest strengths of Bourgas Airport is the excellent opportunity it provides for intermodal transportation by air, sea and land – Bulgaria’s busiest Port of Bourgas, an important railway junction, the E 87 international motorway and Trans European Corridor № 8 are all located just 10 to 15 km away from the airport.

The mild climate and the meteorological conditions in the region ensure excellent visibility throughout all seasons and 24-hour operation of Bourgas Airport all the year round.

Within a 30 km radius of the airport are situated the attractive seaside resorts of Slunchev Bryag, Nessebur, Elenite and Dyuni, providing accommodation for more than 1 000 000 tourists annually. The tourist season lasts from May to October, thus ensuring steady leisure traffic during this time of the year.

Burgas Airport is a regular member of Airports Council International – European Region.

At the end of 2004 Burgas Airport was rated “Bulgaria’s Best Airport” and received the award of the Ministry of Transport for the most dynamically developing airport in Bulgaria.

In 2007 Burgas Airport will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the establishment of the airport, when in the distant 1927 aviation experts from the Air CIDNA French airline /later renamed to Air France/ chose the site for an airport to be built there.

“On 01.10.2007 Burgas Airport met 1 900 000-million passenger, who landed at 01:20 pm with flight № 127 of My Travel Airlines from Manchester”

Mode: TO

Type: Airplane

With TAXI to…..3092256-with_taxi_to-sunny_beach

An absolute rip off for a single person .
See tip above on what you pay for bus Tickets to same destination
For example : considering that a bus ticket Sunny Beach-Bourgas one way is 4lv , both ways 8 lv – the price of 100lv is 10 times more ( Sunny Beach – Nessebar – 70stotinki ) .
I can not be sure if this means the taxi will stay with you during your shopping and sighseeing trip (and for this will waste the whole day) or whatever you decide to do or just drop you and leave ,but well – it’s up to you to decide after all how to spend your money…Maybe it pays off when the taxi is full so you can split the costs with the others.
Try to bargain the price down – it works for me…

From Sunny Beach to…..

2847424-from_sunny_beach_to-sunny_beachNo No matter what the Excursions bureaus charge you for a trip , the truth is that the price for transportation is extremely cheap . I mean buses , regular lines etc. Judge for yourself. Of course if you are not adventurous and like having everything taken care of , than be ready to pay at least 4 times the price.
Sunny Beach – Varna – 7lv/ 3,5 euro one way
Sunny Beach – Sofia – between 21 and and 24lv / 12 euros one way
Sunny Beach to The Ancient town of Nessebar, some 5 km away , shuttle busses – price for the ticket 60 stotinki ;
Airport – Burgas ; Distance to the airport – about 30 km ;
Price for a taxi to the airport – around 15,50 euro
Burgas – 37 km away – 1,50 euro one way ticket

Sunny Beach – Istanbul – still to be investigated


Phone: 0554/22633

Type: Bus

To/From Istanbul

3605533-tofrom_istanbul-sunny_beachI’ve been asked on several occasions about transport info to/from Istanbul , and even tho I haven’t done that trip , Here’s the info I’ve gathered for your convenience : the fastest transfer to/from Istanbul takes about 4 hrs and is by ship . See for schedule, prices and any further questions.The trips are daily – leaving at 6 in the morning and being back around 23h in the evening the same day – which means you can hop in any time. All you need is your international pass ,as Turkey is not part of EU.I’ve just called the head office to ask if it is possible to buy a one way ticket from Istanbul to Nessebar / or the other way around / and the answer was :”yes” but the ticket has to be purchased here. which could be done by sending the personal info by fax and transferring the money by bank.
Bus is another option – it just takes double the time as there are no highways in the area , only secondary roads , plus border control – length of the trip – about 6 hrs.
Of course it cost as well twice cheaper to hop on the bus , but i can’t help you here with info etc.
All I know is you either book a two day Istanbul trip through your Rep , or you have to get to Bourgas and from there try to figure out a bus that will take you to Istanbul.This option is much more complicated.

Mode: TO

Type: Ship/Boat


“Pimp my ride”

3596617-pimp_my_ride-sunny_beach“I’ve seen more expensive cars here for a week ,than for a year in Denmark” said a friend. “And you have to keep in mind that Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world”.
So if you want to see a viper , a Porsche , Lamborghini , mazerati , Hummer or other cars that cost a fortune – Sunny Beach is the place to be. Plus , you’ll have enough time to look at it ,as they can circulate only at very low speed ( but that is on purpose of course) amid the crowds of tourists. Don’t miss aswell the model sitting next to the driver , she’s probably one of bulgaria’s top .


Type: Car/Motor Home


By Boat to Nessebar3016384-by_boat_to_nessebar-sunny_beach

Sunny Beach to Nessebar by boat – 10 lv – 5 euros but the trip is really worth it beacuse of the great panorama over the whole bay. The Boat station is at the beach , when you follow the Kuban alley .

Mode: TO

Type: Ship/Boat

Horse pulled Carriages2860383-horse_pulled_carriages-sunny_beach

Horse pulled Carriages are a romantic way to stroll around Sunny Beach . There is no fixed price – you are charged depending on the distance.

Royal Beach Mall: The Mall of Sunny BeachKFC, Coffee Republic , – diamond jewellry , and some 140 other shops , 2 theme restaurants, 2 Cocktail Bars, Piano bar, Ice cream house , Spa center , supermarket , Bank and parking.

Theme: Department Store

Shopping Market3724699-shopping_market-sunny_beach

Shopping Market stands in Sunny Beach occupy the whole central area and all main streets of the resort. Endless rows on both sides of the promenade sell you china clothes ,towels , inflatable beach stuff, kitchy souvenirs , shoes ,sandals ,flops , toys , etc etc…
Actually Sunny Beach is one big Market Area in the summer.
“V&A” ???!!!! or you meant “C&A” -they even faked the names of shops
Warehouses for bulgarian souvenirs

3016449-warehouses_for_bulgarian_souvenirs-sunny_beachOpposite to the groceries warehouses is a warehouse with great souvenirs to bring home from Bulgaria – pottery , or carved wood , embroided shirt or a whole costume – you have a great variety and something for everyone . And not the least – the best prices.

Theme: Local Craft

Sunny Beach warehouses2860428-sunny_beach_warehouses-sunny_beach

Sunny Beach warehouses can be found if you folow the Kuban Street ,pass the Market , Djanny and continue into the land . If you need cheap grocery store , alcohol , fruits nd veggies – this is where you’ll get them at the lowest price.

Theme: Food and Drink

Shopping market in Kableshkovo

In the Village of Kableshkovo ,every thursday there is a market for cheap clother ,shoes etc .

2131606-shopping_stands-sunny_beachThere are all kinds of open air shops with jewelry, clothes,gifts,art and souvenirs. Just take a walk along the streets of the resort. You will find something for you foe sure.

Sunny Beach Nightlife
Irish pub

2885803-irish_pub-sunny_beachIn the cellar of hotel “Neptun”

Dress Code: Former “Elane’s Scottish Karaoke pub”

Address: In the basement of Neptun Beach Hotel

Theme: Concert

The Corner Cocktail bar

2837087-the_corner_cocktail_bar-sunny_beachAbsolutely strategic location ,opposite to Kuban hotel ,makes the Corner bar a great place to sit in the evening and watch the people on the street while sipping a drink….
New for season 2007 is the second “Corner” built next with huge female statues supporting the ceiling – very attractive appearance.
Open from 9:00 – 05:00h

Phone: 08878999

Theme: People Watching


2840017-lazur-sunny_beachTerrible – full of drunken people ,loud techno, dance and electronic music , poor atmosphere , lots of alcohol , the place stinks!!

11bars , 2 floors , open air beaCH GARDEN, Music for everyone .


Doors open 22:30 – 06:00
Happy Hour : 23:30-00:30h -Buy one , get one free on all bulgarian spirits .

Make sure you get there after 01h in the night if you are looking for the party and be prepared to go on at least till 05h.

Phone: 0895787200

Theme: Nightclub

Mania Disco club

2836964-mania_disco_club-sunny_beach“Mania” disco club is a two floor indoor disco where famous dj’s are visiting from time to time. The music is mainly techno and house orientated. It’s a favorite place for beautiful bulgarian girls and ugly bulgarian men :)))).
Located not far from Kuban hotel just take the main street to the left and you will see it after about 100m. The post office and a chinese restaurant are at his sides.

Dress Code: working hours: 23:00–07:00

Address: Sunny Beach , Cental alley

Directions: Across the street from Cuban on the left

Phone: 088 892272

Theme: Dancing


Iceberg Live music Club

2847391-iceberg_live_music_club-sunny_beachA rock live music club – that host some of the famous bulgarian bands like “Lora”- The female singer has awesome scenic presence and can sing anything from Nirvana to Spin Doctors and Guano Apes :))) Highly recommended!!!,”Angel sky” – a very good band also,”Snow dogs” – too pop for my ears, “BTR”…
A massive renovation has been done before summer season 2007 – tv’s, VJ and some other improvements . We greatly appreciate it!

Dress Code: Casual

Theme: Live Music

Iceberg Live music Club

2847391-iceberg_live_music_club-sunny_beachA rock live music club – that host some of the famous bulgarian bands like “Lora”- The female singer has awesome scenic presence and can sing anything from Nirvana to Spin Dostors and Guano Apes :))) Highly recommended!!!,”Angel sky” – a very good band also,”Snow dogs” – too pop for my ears, “BTR”…
A massive renovation has been done before summer season 2007 – tv’s, VJ and some other improvements . We greatly appreciate it!

Dress Code: Casual

Theme: Live Music

Amigos bar

2840013-amigos_bar-sunny_beachRun by Plovdiv owners – the staff is in its biggest part from the same town especially the barkeepers. You can surprise them by telling “Are you from Plovdiv?” :)))  . Located directly at the beach on the promenade.

Theme: Eating and Drinking

Cacao Beach

Located at the beach by the Regata ship , Cacao Beach has earned its name for the electro / house / DJ loving crowd that likes to party all night and meet the sunrise over the sea. It is well known for hosting famous international DJs and Metropolis (last year) and Yalta club parties ( this year ).

Theme: Dancing


A beach bar across hotel Chaika Beach3016339-a_beach_bar_across_hotel_chaika_beach-sunny_beach

I especially like the lounges there ,and the fact that it is an open air ,located at the beach

Directions: On the promenade , across hotel Chaika Beach

Theme: Other

 Clubbers guide Sunny Beach and coast – A club guide to Sunny Beach and Nessebar

And fot the latest party photos aND UP TO date program – check >

Theme: Nightclub

Restaurant Tips


3092172-invitors-sunny_beachAs a general rule – most of the restaurants in the center have a “caller” or “invitor” whose task is to bring you into the resaurant. They usually hand you the menu or tell you jokes .They might irritate you , but this is their job….Please be tolerant :))))


J3581782-fara-sunny_beachust across Condor , you will find the newly built restaurant “the lightouse”.As its name says it , it has the shape of a lighthouse , the service is fast , prices absolutely reasonable food fresh and delicious.Besides ,they make the best “shkembe chorba” of Sunny Beach:))
One of the few places that are open all year round.

open from 8:00 – 24:00 during winter and 24h a day in summer
Delivery of Pizzas ,Salads and Grill daily from 11 – 18h

In the summer season – every night live music from 20 – 24h
Karaoke Bar – 22 – 03h

Not to forget that staff and waitresses are very friendly.

Favorite Dish: Shkembe chorba / Tripe soup

besides that offers : Coffee drinks ,Cocktails , Barbecue , Fish , Pizza , Spaghetti , Steak , Soup ,Salads, Pancakes ,Desserts , Menu for Kids

Directions: On the main road to Nessebar , some 100m from the central Cuban alley. At the left , accross Condor bistro and central post office.

Phone: 0554/ 70158 ; 0888174363

Price: less than US$10

Theme: Local

” Djanni”: Eat and drink where the locals go

3724669-_djanni_eat_and_drink_where_the_locals_go-sunny_beach” Djanni” and is the best restaurant in the resort , loved by bulgarians for their fast service, incredibly cheap prices and fresh food. All of us that work in the resort know this place as it offer the best of the bulgarian cuisine, big salads , grill and local food.
Open 24h /day

Offers salads and sometimes soups , 50 sorts of warm appetizers from meat and fish ,specialties from the oriental cuisine , meals on a clay slab , serbian hot grill, pizzas

Address: Both are located in the center – just ask anyone

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Directions: For “Djanni”-follow the street of Cuban hotel in direction opposite to the beach untill you pass the market and there you are on your left is” Djanni”

Phone: 0897/884530 , 0897/884573

Price: less than US$10

Theme: Local

Ramayana Indian Restaurant

3016378-ramayana_indian_restaurant-sunny_beachAn authentic indian restaurant has opened doors in Iberostar hotel in summer 2006. The two cooks are absolutely great – one of them is indian ,the other nepalese – the food – delicious and hot!!
A must try experience!!!

Address: Hotel Iberostar

Price Comparison: more expensive than average

Price: US$11-20

Bulgarian Food is Spicy

2860353-bulgarian_food_is_spicy-sunny_beachAs a general rule – Bulgarian Food is Spicy – we use alot of herbs while cooking . A typical local spice is Savoury – or Tschubritsa ,that is abundantly used in meat ,cooked beans , mixed with other herbs and salt to obtain Bulgarian’s traditional Colorful salt ,called “Sharena Sol”. Parsley ,Dill , Celery , Estragon and other herbs are mixed in our traditional cuisine. Our tomatoes and veggies are delicious ,same with our fruits that grow in our lands.
If you look for something typical Bulgarian – bring home one of those jars with Mixed salt – “Sharena Sol” . Look for with a weird face on them – see the second pic. Highly Recommended!!!

Hanska Shatra

Hanska Shatra (Khan’s Tent) which sits atop a hill several kilometers north of Sunny Beach. Set in a secluded wooded setting with beautiful views of the coast below, the spot is supposedly the one where Khan Krum had a military encampment in 812. The large, rounded structure has twenty curved concrete columns inside which connect at the apex, resembling a huge tent such as was used by the Proto-Bulgarians. The interior is decorated with mosaics, one of which depicts the Khan feasting. Waiters wear period costumes. Live folk music starts nightly at seven, followed by an hour-long elaborate floor show. Predictably, the place is touristy – and expensive – but, it’s vacation time !!!

Theme: Local

First Investment Bank

Favorite thing: The centrally located bank in Sunny Beach with 2 ATMs:
First Investment Bank ( Globus hotel area )
Phone +359 554 23334 ; Fax + 359 554 23335

Surf school

3016392-surf_school-sunny_beachOwned by a friend of mine , the surf school this year is located along with the diving center between Cacao beach club and the river. It’s always a good idea to give it a try , and you will have a qualified instructor to help you with your skills

Address: between Cacao beach club and the river.

Theme: Surfing

The Horseriding base

3016421-the_horseriding_base-sunny_beachMy dream since I was a child is to have a horse,so I took the first step and did a horseriding lesson.It costed me 10lv for an hour, but the feeling is amazing.
The horse riding base is at the end of Sunny Beach that is close to St Vlas. You will see it when passing by with the bus.

Go, Go , Go !!!!!
Beautiful horses are waiting for you !!!!
They have professional instruction , so even if you never tried climbing on the back of a horse,they are there to guide you and make it an unforgettable experience!!

Directions: At the exit of Sunny Beach ,in direction of Vlas Village

Bring Earplugs

Luggage and bags: Bring Earplugs – no matter where you will sleep – there is a big chance that you hear loud music all night long. Of course you can always closw the window , but if the air conditionning is not working – you might suffocate from the heat in the night.:)))

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