Let me tell you ’bout Ischgl…

I wrote this guide to Ischgl over 10 years ago for a tourist site. As its hosting services are closing, I am moving the info here, some might find it useful.

Meet Ischgl – an Austrian resort with an unpronounceable name. Or “the Ibiza of the Alps” as it is better known. Very well visited by high society , nouveau riches and crowds of men.

“Ischgl – the never ending party”

As you exit the last tunnel , here it is – the famous resort of Ischgl spreading in front of you in the crispy alpine air.At a first look ,a village like every other in Tirol .At a second look but ,and because of its fame , it’s the place where everybody comes to get drunk and party.The big disappointment for you ,guys ,is that there are about 80 % men and 20% women. So you better be good and charming, or you’ll sleep alone. Skiing comes after all this.Called the “Party Ibiza of the Alps”because of the PACHA disco,Schatzi apres ski and the Trofana – the clubs for the rich and famous with its gorgeous dancing girls.
Located in the middle of the Paznaun valley, After the village of Kappl and before Galtur / that became sadly famous some years ago for the massive avalanche that buried half of the village and killed 31people/ . Ischgl’s fame goes far beyond Austria’s borders.It’s one of the biggest ski areas of Austria. Connected with the swiss village of Samnaun that is also a Duty free Zone and a good opportunity to buy cheap alcohol ,cigarettes and perfumes.

2619725-pacha_disco_and_schatzi_bar_ischglSeems that Ischgl has several webpages – same as it has several faces…
Ischgl.com should be the main one, but check also Ischgl.at and Webcams in Ischgl and http://www.silvretta.at – cams from the ski area

Stairway to heaven 🙂
– the newest project ot the Owner of Hotels Madlein and Elisabeth – Gunther Aloys aswell as the nightclub Pacha . He is putting up together the idea to built the longest stairway in the world – 6.666 Steps, 1.200 Meters Long and about 1000 Meters height difference….

19 Nov 2008 – I’ve just re-read my Ischgl page ,and even tho there are some tips I still need to write , I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I like it 100% the way it is. :)) Cannot say the same bout other pages of mine that need URGENT updating,but well…time or inspiration are missing.

My local buddies – thanx for having me around !

Stairway to heaven 🙂
– the newest project ot the Owner of Hotels Madlein and Elisabeth – Gunther Aloys aswell as the nightclub Pacha . He is putting up together the idea to built the longest stairway in the world – 6.666 Steps, 1.200 Meters Long and about 1000 Meters height difference….

19 Nov 2008 – I’ve just re-read my Ischgl page ,and even tho there are some tips I still need to write , I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I like it 100% the way it is. :)) Cannot say the same bout other pages of mine that need URGENT updating,but well…time or inspiration are missing

You haven’t been to Ischgl ? What are you waiting for?!!!!

Pros:The best ski area I’ve ever been , Intensive nightlife
Cons:Crowds and crowds of tourists
In a nutshell:Ischgl has everything to offer that you can imagine

30 april 2006 – Pink live in Ischgl30 april 2006 – Pink live in Ischgl
For the end of the season her majesty Pink will have her only european concert for this year in Ischgl…If you happen to be here at that time – concert starts at 13h at Idalp
have you seen her latest video – “Stupid girls” ? – ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!! Can’t wait to see her live!!!

Nightshow of the Ski school Ischgl

where – In Ischgl Prenner slope / between Pardatchgratbahn and Fimba bahn/ -opposite to Schatzi bar.I would absolutely reccomend you to come and see the Tirolean demo ski champions of the Ski school Ischgl .Besides that you will see firespitters , lots of pyrotechnics, free skiers and snowboarders hitting the jump…

Silveretta bahn AG2597133-silveretta_bahn_ag-ischgl
Once upon a time ,in the year of 1961 , on the 18 of april 73 partners , mainly from Ischgl founded the Silveretta Seilbahn AG Ischgl. Using high loans to fund it,two years later in december 1963 the Silveretta cable car and the Idjoch Lift started running. Followed by the Hollbodenlift – the second drag lift that was built in 1966. In 1967 SilverettaSeilbahn bought their first snowcat. In March 1972 ,the Pardatchgratbahn was started as a second feeder lift. in 1972 Holltal and Palinkopf were developped and the Fimbabahn opened in 1976.
in 1977 SilverettaSeilbahn AG took a 51 percent stake in the cable cars of Samnaun, enabling the poject to be financed : 1 cable car ,3 drag lifts 2 guest houses and the ski run.THese lifts started running in December 1978. In the next years ,all till the present moment,the lift facilities were expanded further, old ones being replaced annually by the latest technical transportation means. All this making today the SilverettaSeilbahnAG Austria’s most technically advanced lift company. These investments have become possible only because the shareholders forewent the distribution of their dividents ever since the company was founded.2597135-silveretta_bahn_ag-ischgl
…3 gondolas……..3 gondolas taking you from the village to the ski area.the trendiest – ” Silveretta bahn” can accomodate up to 24 people in one cabin, the other two are for 4-“Pardatchgatbahn” and 6 persons- “Fimba Bahn” even if you are not skiing ,it’s worth to go to the top just to enjoy the majestic view with all the mountain peaks as far as the sight goes.2596889-3_gondolas-ischgl

….the longest limousine in the world.2596895-the_longest_limousine_in_the_world-ischgl…….the longest limousine in the world a “Hummer” jeep that will provide shuttle service from your hotel to Pacha – the trendiest disco in town for the price of 100 euro…..ahh how vain can people be?…..maybe it’s the word VIP? “Very Important Person”….hahahahaha
I am just puzzled how the driver manouevrates this engine through the curvy narrow and steep streets of the village. He must be a magician…..2597253-the_longest_limousine_in_the_world-ischgl

NEW!!! You can use the Hummer to take you for a special lobster dinner in the designer restaurant of madlein and chief special chocolate dessert – call +43 664 8470390
Apparently the site is still to be constructed – check out laterz

Phone: +43 5444 5226

Website: http://www.hummerischgl.com

2626421-furcoats_are_in-ischglFurcoats are “IN”Well if you have a fur coat – make sure you bring it along when you come to Ischgl . You will definitely be “IN” fashion. Especially with a pair of moon boots or even better – fur boots . Booo Yeti is back!!!
Serious now , Furcoats are really warm and let the others know how much richer beyond their dreams you are.
Woman’s Nationality? Russian…

Men in fur coats….why not? if that’s the way to be noticed – let it be…
Or is he the owner of the ho’s in town? But then he shouldn’t be walking….where is his pimped ride? Prada ski suits…since when PrAda is into the ski industry? I thought they are making haute couture….

Ischgl”forms in the snow” contestIn the second week of January 2006, 10 teams from around europe took part in the Ischgler “forms in the snow” contest. This season’s theme was “world’s football championship 2006”2583595-ischglforms_in_the_snow_contest-ischgl
The winner is the snow figure “Ronaldino” representing the player holding a ball on the tip of his nose.

Ischgl has…A Porshe……..A Porshe on the middle of the slopes, just in front of Idalp – the main restaurant in the area….


…privately owned first aid helicopters….Apparently a german doctor with an enterpreneur spirit ,build his own Emergency clinique somewhere in Montafon. 2597115-privately_owned_first_aid_helicopters-ischgl

He made a landing platform below Idalp and bought helicopters to transport the severely injured. As lots of people are skiing at way too high speed for their abilities,u bet the helicopters are busy all day long. You see them fly here and there at least 4-5 times a day. And things must be really bad that you need to be transported by a helicopter.

Brown bear in Ischgl ?Are there brown bears in Ischgl ? Apparently yes – I saw one on the slopes, he had red pants and a pair of skis on….he probably has the capability to turn into a white ice bear when he falls ….mmbbuuaahahahaahahaaaaaa….
Snowboarding MozartSome people have a strange taste in clothes…make sure you bring your cam everywhere with you as you’ll have plenty of chances to use it…
Actually I am preparing a gallery of “the most stupid hats” make sure u check regularly…
here we speak russian….”here we speak russian”.says the sign on the rental ski shop at the bottom of the Pardatchgrat gondola. So far so good. The only thing is that it’s written in the wrong alphabet – so how the hell you expect the russians to read it if it’s in latin and not in Cyrilic?
The thing is that Ischgl is invaded with russian tourists and most of them don’t speak anything but their mother language.I don’t want to be rude , but don’t expect that Austrians will learn russian overnight .

4466709-walk_your_dog_at_2000m-ischglWalk your dog at 2000mWhat is more logical to do than to walk your dog where people ski at 2000m in front of Idalp?
It makes for sure a difference from everybody around carrying skis and poles and having this specific robocop pace when walking around with ski boots :))

How “fur” are you?Sportalm is the rich’s favourite ski clothing brand. Why? because it has fur and crystals everywhere and it’s damn expensive. Do I have to tell you the nationality of the lady? I can bet she’s russian 🙂

5816328-the_silvretta_cablecar_museum-ischglThe Silvretta cablecar museumThe Silvretta cablecar museum located in the Dorftunnel is worth a visit . It tells the story of the valley from its first settlers and how it all began and evolved to become what you see in the present days.

Open on wednesdays 16-19 H.5816329-the_silvretta_cablecar_museum-ischgl

“The first settlers
From the glaciers of Silvretta, Samnaun and the Verwall group all the way to castle Wiesberg, at the valley entrance , on both sides of the Trisanna river spreads one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Alps – the high alpine valley Paznaun and its side valleys.
The first settlers that came in the wildernis of the upper valley of Trisanna were Rhaeto-Romans and Walser. They came from Graubünden and were able, especially in the summer months, almost without obstacles start using the high alpine pastures in the side valleys. In the beginning they stayed only in summer, later they build their houses and stayed in the valley all year round. The Paznaun remained for centuries a valley of farmers, cattle and hunters. The mountain farmer families had a difficult life. They neddded to use every piece of cultivable land to survive.

Address: Silvrettaplatz 2 – 6561 Ischgl

Phone: +43-5444-606

Warnings Or Dangers

Lock your skis / snowboard: Beware ,Skis and boards get stolen on a regular basis in Ischgl , so If you want to find your gear where you left it when you go Apres ski ,for example it’s a good idea to buy a locker. I am not sure this is a 100% guarantee ,but at least it will cause some difficulties to the dudes…

2614685-first_aid-ischglFirst Aid In case you got injured on the slopes (and I hope you won’t) there is a well organized first aid that will transport you to the doctor.

2625887-warning_stupid_tourists_on_tour-ischglWarning Stupid tourists on tour!!!Warning Stupid tourists on tour!!!2625889-warning_stupid_tourists_on_tour-ischgl
We had them all – the Elks from Dennmark on tour 2625890-warning_stupid_tourists_on_tour-ischgl, the Pigheads ,the Footballheads ,the Orange jackets on tour…..the clown….All of you got Punkd..heheheehee 2625891-warning_stupid_tourists_on_tour-ischgl

Snow StormsPlease if the weather forcast says “Snow Storm” save yourself the bothering of going up in the mountain only because you paid for a ski pass. In the best case you could get lost because of the fog and low visibility ….in the worse…..u wanna know? 2626172-snow_storms-ischgl2626176-snow_storms-ischgl

Ski in Control Unfortunately quite a common sight – injured tourists . The reason ? if you ask me – too many people ski way too fast for their abilities. Go back to reading the 10 FIS rules !!! 2626389-ski_in_control-ischgl
For snowboard – wear as much protection as you can get.

Make sure you know where you are going…Beware !! You are going to the place where the party is going on 24h a day. So if you are not used to the lifestyle , it might be a good idea to pick another place for your holiday….2637046-make_sure_you_know_where_you_are_going-ischgl
If you don’t know after awhile where your room is , and are sleeping in the hotel lobby , you have a little problem, buddy…..not to mention that the next day when you wake up around noon, you will be good for nothing , and you have missed the day for skiing…..And it was probably a great sunny day with some new snow…..but you can’t have it all ,right?
Like this guy that came today in the ski school at 11h , instead of 9:30 when he was has having his lesson….hahahaaha….well it’s his loss….

Talabfahrt – the Village run
3248764-talabfahrt_the_village_run-ischglThe red run to the village gets stupidly crowded around 16h ,when all the wannabe skiers decide to use their last chance to demonstrate their skills.
Honestly said – avoid it if possible . For several reasons : first of all at the end of the day the slope is all ice and moguls, second – people trying to ski all around you could be dangerous. They have the gift of falling right in front of you or right into you. Both dangerous situations. As they are not in control , they slide on ice for the next 20 meters leaving skis, poles , hats and goggles all over the place.how convenient. you have to go and pick all for them. And last but not least – the most injuries happen at the end of the day , when your adrenaline keeps you from estimating realistically that your muscles need a rest after a whole day of overload.3248791-talabfahrt_the_village_run-ischgl
“Mr.Popular” vs “I wanna be Ischglerin”Two phenomenons here >
1. The local guys working hard on being “Mr.Popular” in what concerns the girls. Their tactic to impress is by drinking loads of alcohol and most of the time they end up much too drunk to be good for anything.
2. The second phenomenon is the incoming females,that are trying to blend in by speaking a heavy local dialect with more or less success.

“Entrance for ski teachers ONLY”In most of the ski schools I’ve worked this was a big issue. Should we go in front of the queue to be at our worplace in time, or was it too obvious and a bad image for the ski school. Of course Ischgl is here one more time exeptionnal – “my mountain – my rules” , so they just put a shield where the entrance for ski teachers is, so nobody gets confused :)))

Skiing / Snowboarding in Ischgl
If by chance you came in Ischgl for the skiing / respectively snowboarding/ and you still think the same after a hard night out and visiting all the bars, you have to keep in mind that you have to deal with a huge ski area – 40 lifts and 200km of slopes located in its biggest part at an altitude between 2000 and 2872m are awaiting you.

see the area info under silvretta.at

Theme: Skiing/Snowboarding

Pardatchgrat Gondola2634859-pardatchgrat_gondola-ischgl
Beware if you are beginner and you have a lesson with a ski instructor don’t use the Pardatchgrat Gondola. the Ski school is acessed with either Fimba gondola or the Silveretta gondola.

Fimba Gondola2654176-fimba_gondola-ischgl
Fimba Gondola – Length 3843m , Altitude difference 953 m
Fimba takes you to Idalp from the right side of the Prenner slope.

Idalp mountain station2599742-idalp_mountain_station-ischgl
The heart of the skiing area is called Idalp and it’s where the two gondolas -Silveretta bahn and Fimba bahn will take you.It’s where are located the service shops and sports shop, Ski school, Self service restaurant and Panorama restaurant, the kindergarden.
It’s aswell the starting point of the Grat Bahn that takes you to the Pardorama restaurant ,the Velil bahn – blue slope perfect for not so experienced skiers, The Flimjochbahn and the Idjochbahn that take you to Switzerland.

Velill Bahn2654158-velill_bahn-ischgl
Velill Bahn is the most used chairlift by beginners and itermediate skiers and snowboarders. It’s a 6 man chairlift that takes you to Velillscharte – 2556m . From there you could either choose to take the blue run No8 down to Idalp , or take the red No7 that takes you through Velilltal , back down the village of Ischgl.
Velill characteristics – length 1464m ,Altitude difference – 280m.

Theme: Skiing/Snowboarding

Chapel by the woods2668619-chapel_by_the_woods-ischgl
The chapel can be seen from the Silvretta Gondola by the middle station. It’s on the way when you come from Paznauner Thaya No37 or take the offpiste skiroute No3 that takes you to the middle station and a very nice spot to take pics.

Ischgl Nightlife
Schatzi apres ski barLocated opposite of the Prenner slope ,and the bottom station of Pardatchgratbahn , Schatzi bar is part of the Elizabeth hotel. It gets very crowded after 16h and the party and the dancing girls go all the way till 20h when the place turns into a restaurant offering fondue that will cost you 24 euro per person.
Due to its strategic location the place gets packed with singing ,drinking and dancing tourists.So if you decide to go for it , keep in mind that you have still to visit the clubs in town in the evening ,so don’t drink yourself to oblivion!!!!2605813-schatzi_apres_ski_bar-ischgl
In case Apres Ski sounds new to you – It’s a day bar ,where you go after skiing generally between 16 and 20h.

Pacha night club2619627-pacha_night_club-ischgl
Pacha is located in the Designed hotel Madlein – the place for the rich or famous. It has its professional dancers that are in charge of entertaining the crowd of men that are invading the place. As everywhere in Ischgl , there are much more men than women in the clubs,or as a tourist said – “10 000 men and 10 women”…hahaahahaa…..so one thing good for us, girls…
the official webpage is still in construction as from what it looks – http://www.pasha.at
Right next door is the Go-Go dance club “Coyote Ugly”2626057-pacha_night_club-ischgl

Coyote Ugly Table dance bar2605776-coyote_ugly_table_dance_bar-ischgl
Coyote Ugly Table dance bar is separated with Pacha by a glass window located behind the DJ , so most of the time you can get a peek of topless girls dancing on pilons in the other room. It’s probably ment to be a preview and a way to attract customers.
In case you decide to give it a try , keep in mind that a small bottle of champagne will cost you ONLY 54 euro. but money is of no importance to you if you are in Ischgl anyways , right?Hahahaahaaha.
You can get a private dance upon request too..
According to the guy keeping the coats , the girls make up to 7000 euros a month being beautiful.

Hotel Post Night Club

2626016-hotel_post_night_club-ischglVaulted arches and crystal chandeliers, wooden bar and baroque furniture and always crowded – that’s what the Nightclub of Hotel Post looks like.2626028-hotel_post_night_club-ischgl
Entrance fee – 5 euros . Post Disco is one of the few places in Ischgl that have entrance fee for ladies aswell.Something that doesn’t make them honnor – you can keep it ,no thanxx…not worthy….I prefer Pacha much more anyways….

Address: Hotel Post , center

Directions: Opposite to Burger king

“Arena” disco vs “Pasha”
2637021-arena_disco_vs_pasha-ischgl“Arena” disco vs “Pasha” – Way too big to get a good atmosphere. Mr Van Thanner exagerated with the size of the place. No way you can get it full!!! It has its dancers aswell , but it’s a pale copy of “Pacha”. they are too far so that one can enjoy them.
Conclusion : – Go to “Pacha” – the girls and the atmosphere are way hotter there.Don’t bother with “Arena”.

Kuhstall Apres ski bar and Bar
Niki’s Stadl

“Why Not” Disco Dancing Pub2614574-why_not_disco_dancing_pub-ischgl
Sorry – for winter 2006/07 the place has been changed into a tabledance bar called “Insider”. Cheap ,cheesy and awful….I wonder if anybody goes there at all…


It’s a nice pub ,with relaxed atmosphere , where you can find all the locals. .

Directions: Under Burger King

Theme: Nightclub

Burger King
Open from 11h till 03 in the night – Burger king is always the easiest and fastest choice when you are hungry.You can aswell watch sports on the two large TV screens and feel like in any other Burger King around the world. Just keep in mind that the non smokers area in on the left and the smokers at the right.The place gets especially interesting in the evening ,when tourists bump in after Apres Skiing with their ski boots and equipment , trying to keep their balance on the slippery floor. Or late in the night ,when full of hungry and drunken from the surrounding discos and Clubs – Post , Why Not , the Irish pub.
For myself I find the french fries delicious , but the sandwitches taste like crap.

Address: Ischgl ; Fußgängerzone 10 ; 6561 Ischgl/Tirol

Price Comparison: less expensive than average

Directions: In the Center opposite to Dorftunnel

Phone: +43 5444 2011716

Price: less than US$10

Theme: Fast Food

Hotel Madlein****:

2583576-Hotel_Madlein_The_Designer_hotel_in_the_Alps-Ischgl.jpg The Designer hotel in the Alps Hotel Madlein Review

Show Prices

Absolutely unusual for the hotel architecture in Tirol , Hotel Madlein is stating to be the first designer hotel in the Alps. Altogether with hotel “Elisabeth” ,”Schatzi” bar ,”Pacha” disco club and “Coyote Ugly” striptease bar they belong to the Aloys family and are setting the trends in the resort.
The price per person starts from 180 euro per night…..
Even the sinks in the toilets have this alien zen look!! – see the last pics….
To be continued

Address: A 6561 Ischgl No 144, Ischgl 6561

Price Comparison: most expensive

Price: US$180 and up

Theme: Hotel

Website: http://www.madlein.com/en/

Hotel Post****2624468-hotel_post-ischgl

Decorated with Swarowski crystals at the entrance door , Hotel post looks defenitely a cozy place – give it a try! Price per person starts from 145 euro half pension in the peak winter months and from 127,50 in the low winter season.
It lodges a nice Disco , open till 5-6 in the morning ( check the nightlife tips)

Address: Post **** Wanderhotel Fam. Wolf H Nr 7 Ischgl

Phone: +43 54444 5232 / fax 5617-33

Price: US$120-180

Theme: Hotel

2668606-taxis-ischglThe taxis within Ischgl are 4 euros no matter of the distance.
Sphinx taxi.at – 43 664 2545000


The Real Locals

2626259-the_real_locals-ischglSometimes , If you are lucky ,you will get to see the real locals – the people that remember Ischgl before tourism came in. Go early in the morning in the tiny side streets ,you might have the chance to spot a local farmer bringing his milk to the hotel or guesthouse nearby.

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