Nauders – “The Strong Village”/ Das starke dorf

I wrote this guide to Nauders over 10 years ago for a tourist site. As its hosting services are closing, I am moving the info here, some might find it useful.

Nauders is a Small “picture perfect” village located in the Tirolean alps, at 1400m of altitude. This makes it optimal as the ski area is guaranteed to have snow in winter.
The Village itself has been an Important crossroad point being situated on the VIA CLAUDIA AUGUSTA – a Road built at the time of the roman Empire, designed to cross the alps and link the Adriatic sea with the Danube river. You can still see remains of the road in The outskirts of Nauders. The village itself has 2 castles one in the center, watching over the village, and one built in the rocks, at the exit in a narrow pass, when head to Landeck.
When you arrive from the Austrian side (Italy is just 4 km away ) ,and u pass the previous village of Pfunds, the road suddenly climbs up on the side of a canyon wall, revealing a marvelous view to the upper Inn valley, dominated by the majestic 3000m peaks of Austria, Switzerland and Italy . You pass tunnel arches build in the rocks and climb higher and higher, starting to wonder where in these steeps could be a village….than after a few more turns you leave the valley of the upper Inn river and – Ohhh here it is, spreading in front of you a wide sunny terrace the village of Nauders is lazily resting!!!
Here are some links about Nauders:
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Pages in German:
Reschen pass area
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or take a look at my adventures there…
I am putting my efforts into letting the World know about this beautiful place, as from my two winters experience I’ve seen very few english speaking tourists ( And you like to travel and discover new places,right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be here ;). The place is mostly popular with German and Dutch tourists aswell as neighbouring Swiss and Lichtenstein guests. The number of French tourists is increasing from year to year aswell, because they come back and bring friends along next time. French find Austria cheaper for winter tourism compared to the french resorts.


Credits for this pic go to Marco Vitroler

And this is me and what I do in winter….being a snowboard instructor gives me the chance to spend the whole season in the places I love. To enjoy all weather conditions,ride the best places only known by the locals,and feel part of the family.

VIA CLAUDIA AUGUSTA – the Roman Empire road

2166736-via_claudia_augusta_the_roman_empire_road-nauders” The Pearl Chain”
Almost 2000 years ago,the Romans built this unique imperial road called Via Claudia Augusta across the Alps. It lead from Altinum /Altino/ near Venice through Reschen and Fern passes to the Danube river. This was the most important north-south connection for hundreds of years.This major artery brought profit opportunities, acquaintances and experience exchange with travellers from various countries, contributing to the developpment of the regions ,enriching their lives and culture.The remains of the 2000 year old road can still be found ,including entire road stretches, bridges, milestones and other signs , giving you an idea of the importance of the road. Excavation sites,exhibitions and historical monuments are witnesses of past eras.

Nauders through the centuries2155112-nauders_through_the_centuries-nauders

The first crossing of the Pass of Reschen and the foundations of the first settlements in Nauders go back to the Bronze Age. The name Nauders stems from a roman language that is nearly unknown and is said to be used by the ethnic group “Veneto – Illyrer”.
The important historian Oswald Menghin confirms that Nauders was the most notrhern outpost of the Rhaetian Venoste, the ethnic group living in Vinschgau and calling this region”Vallia Venoste”. They defended their country against people living in the Inn valley. They were probably called ” Oeniates” ,which means ” Inhabitants of the Inn valley”. The name Engadin stems from the ancient term “Oeniatina Valley”.

Nauders and the Silveretta ridge2141979-nauders_and_the_silveretta_ridge-nauders

Soon after the roman campaigns of conquest in Rhaetia in the years 16 and 15 BC,which made the country part of the Roman Empire,the most important Roman war and trade routes in the Alps were constructed in 34 AC. The shortest way through the pass of Reschen and led to Augusta Vindelicorum,nordaways known as Augsburg , the roman metropolis in the foothills of the Alps at that time. After the road through the Brenner pass was constructed in 200 AC, the route via the pass of Reschen – Via Claudia Augusta – lost its immense importance. 2166735-nauders_impressions-nauders
After the occupation of the regions in the Alps the Romans established the province of Rhaetia. Many place and family names still remind us of the time of romanization.
Thanx to the tourist information bureau of Nauders for this information.

Days of Horror in Nauders1773150-days_of_horror_in_nauders-nauders

Nauders was repeatedly victim of epidemics , natural disasters ,avalanches , mud flows and conflagrations.
During the reign of Margarethe Maultasch in 1348,the plague raged Nauders. It is said that only 9 families survived the epidemic. During the construction of the shooting range in Gurdanatsch in 1847 a great number of human bones were found. These are probably the relics of a mass grave of the period of the plague.
On the 21 March 1609 a massive avalanche slid down the mountain and buried the village. 22 houses were completely destroyed.On the 4 march 1871 , a period of thaw caused the sliding of an avalanche that hit the village border.
On the 17 june 1871 there was a massive mud flow.
A terrible disaster occurred in Nauders on the 3 march 1880 : It was nearly midnight when a barn of the “Mondscheinwirt” caught fire. A wind as strong as a hurricane caused an enormous blaze which destroyed 83 houses and 72 working quarters through the whole village.
Authentic documents proving these events were found during repair works on the church tower in 1901.

The submerged church tower of Graun village2115720-the_submerged_church_tower_of_graun_village-nauders

The Symbol of the whole area of Reschen pass is the tower of the village of Graun,that was submerged by the artificial lake , having for a purpose to provide electricity for the region. The story I heard about the tower is that They have tried to blow it with dynamite and afer 2 attempts it was still standing….so they decided to leave it….
Located some 10 km from Nauders on the way to the Vinschgau Valley in Italy
You can go there simply by taking the free ski bus that connects the 3ski areas of Nauders/ Austria , Schoneben and Haider Alm in Italy.
in the summer season it is a favorite place for kite surfing as well as in the winter ,when the lake freezes. After all it is located around 1400m above sea level
take a look at my Reschensee page for more
The symbol of the area – the submerged church tower of Reschen lake

Suset over PIZLAT 1749777-suset_over_pizlat-nauders

Pizlat is where Austria , Italy and Switzerland are meeting…..That’s where the sun goes to sleeep 🙂 it’s an unforgettable feeling to watch the sunset ,but make sure u bring a headlight and you know the way back, coz you’ll be the only one left on the mountain and things look different when it gets darker.

the castle Naudersberg2362670-naudersberg_castle_nauders

Castle Naudersberg has been the seat of a district court since 1330 and is a typical example of late castle architecture. On the ground floor are the detention cells and prison kitchen, the first floor has been used for exhibitions and a siege of as a local ski museum,and on the second floor are the picture galleries, judge’s chambers, judicial offices and the castle chapel. The marvellous castle restaurant is housed in the former stables ,where you can eat “knight’s fondue – ritter fondue” or other gourmet meals sitting in a wine cellar atmosphere lit by candles and chandeliers ,which lights are reflected on the armored knights guarding you.

Snow fairie2115732-snow_fairie-nauders

Some unknown talented sculptor has made this snow enchanteress in front of the hotel Erica this winter. It’s amazing to think that his art will melt soon . It makes me appreciate even more .
in Ischgl,that is situated just a ridge away,there is a snow figures competition every january and I always wanted to see it, but never had the time to go.

The St Valentin church2141917-the_st_valentin_church-nauders

Parish Church St.Valentin
First church in Nauders, probably goes back to St.Valentin, the apostle of Rhaetia. In the 11th century the building was enlarged, consecrated in 1093. Consecration of the new building in 1512,baroquized in the 18th century,construction of 2 new side aisles. Last renovations in the side aisles, side altars of the late Baroque, 16th century. The wings of the old gothic side altars can be seen in the diocesan museum of Brixen.

A nice place 2 die2333708-a_nice_place_2_die-nauders

I would like to have my grave in that kind of place when I die.To take my final rest with the snow covered mountain peaks keeping me company from all sides.
The graveyard of Nauders is located around the church of St.Valentin and I loved to take a walk as it was always well maintained and full with flowers – this applies to all the graveyards I’ve seen in Tirol and Sudtirol / Italy. They are real gardens ,and it’s how you know about the nation’s culture . By looking at the way they honor their dead.

Husky sled european championship 18-19 feb 05 2166795-husky_sled_european_championship_18_19_feb_05-nauders

Nauders hosted on the 18 and 19 february 2005 the european husky sled championships.My all favorite dogs – so beautiful and wild !!! The price of a puppy is around 1000 euros….
They were soo impatient to be set free to run, jumping , arching their backs and howling loudly…
Take the gondola to the mountain2333685-take_the_gondola_to_the_mountain-nauders

Take the gondola to the mountain ,even if you don’t ski or snowboard. Of course, if you can do any of those you will have the advantage of exploring the area much more and see all the beautiful angles of the panorama. But even if you are not into winter sports – the view from Bergkastel is breathtaking. Here you can see in the background the Tcheieck slopes – an unlimited fun for freeriding!!!

Bergkastel Mountain Station2106057-bergkastel_mountain_station-nauders

Situated at 2200m is the top station of the Gondola of Nauders. You have there a big restaurant with self service,that gets packed during the winter holidays. A great view to the skiing area , you can enjoy through the winter garden that you see at the far right. Underneath is the kid’s restaurant if you decide to let your small ones eating with their new friends from the ski group and their ski teacher.

Theme: Skiing/Snowboarding

Snowboard School Meeting Point2062230-snowboard_school_meeting_point-nauders

This was my workplace for two winters in a row. What I love about this picture is that on that day, the sky was clear and there were snowflakes in the air sparkling with million lights

Equipment: Equipment for a snowboard lesson – A snowboard , with soft boots and strap bindings if possible, if not Step-ins will do the job for a start too.
What you might not have thought about, but very important are knee protectors and wrist protectors – The ones from inline skating will do the job. Even tho there are specially designed gloves with wrist protectors innside for snowboarding. A helmet is a plus too.

Address: Skischule Nauders * Dr.Tschiggfrey Str#30 * A-6543

Directions: Snowboard Meeting Point – From the top station of the gondola, on the left side,about 100m look behing the orange net…there you are :))
We have a beginners only terrain just by the snowboard hut and our own lift,to help you in your first steps.

The Nursery Snowboard Slope 2152718-the_nursery_snowboard_slope-nauders

The Nursery Snowboard Slope is behind the orange nets , where you see the little house bearing the sign ” Snowboard meeting point” in german. At the front where the yellow rainbow is ,you will meet your ski private teacher for your lessons. At the background is the Goldsee Valley.

Theme: Skiing/Snowboarding

Other Contact:

Phone: +43 5473/ 89040 fax 89050

Theme: Skiing/Snowboarding


Powder trip above 2800m1769557-powder_trip_above_2800m-nauders

Touring with the boyz I’ve been working with last winter. I was the only girl in the group and obviously was a bit slower than the rest,but I am very thankful that there were always waiting 4 me. So I took this great pic,walking behind the whole group,almost out of breath,but all happy and excited about the powder run I was gonna make…..and believe me – by descending I am definitely not the last ……

Directions: You take Tcheiecklift and then you follow the ridge on your left side to get to the endless powder …..Make sure u take the left slope and not the right as you’ll end somewhere in the backcoutry with no sign of life for miles.


Ever been in a Iglooo?2241843-ever_been_in_a_iglooo-nauders

Last season (2003/04) we had tons of snow in Nauders and my colleagues ,the children ski instructors have built an igloo in the valley of the Goldseen for the kids.
Actuallly they were building another one but he roof was not finished.
Heli – the curly guy , will be your paraglide coach if you decide to fly up the sky. He is also a ski teacher and a snowboard teacher. Multi talented :)))

Directions: in the valley of the Goldseen

Take the run to the middle station but than after the narrow path when you come to the wide and kinda steep slope, take left through the forest….you’ll see many tracks leading that direction….You’ll pass through some nice terain and a few wooden houses, and then arriving to a path, take right…at the end of it, just before u arrive at the Lachernalm you’ll see the view on this pic :)))
Pizlat from a lower perspective,with a cow’s house at the front…..

Huts in the woods2152748-huts_in_the_woods-nauders

Huts in the woods
These huts are used in the summer by the cattle owners to spend the whole summer up in the mountain.
In the winter time they are hidden among the trees , but snowboarding is a sport that I don’t consider it good for the slopes anyways.

Avalanche Danger Outside the slopes2063622-avalanche_danger_outside_the_slopes-nauders

Avalanche in the Goldsee Valley – march 2005
You can see that the whole slope went down, I am no joking – take a look where the ridge is ,you will see the snow break… Fortunately there were no dead but it fell over a group that was on tour. So the rescue team had to search for some people buried under. Lucky for them ,they were alive…..
The Goldsee valley is a common touring route on the way to Langtaufers valley in Italy.
It’s amazing how many people died in avalanches this year in Tirol. Considering that there were very little snowfall during the season, most people I guess didn’t take under consideration that the base consisting of rocks and ground is very unstalble and the snow doesn’t stick on it…

Ski in Control !!! Behaviour code over the Slopes2152770-ski_in_control_behaviour_code_over_the_slopes-nauders

The rules for slopes behaviour are :
1.Always ski in control – with your behaviour you should not endanger the other participants
2.Adjust your riding speed according to your abilities,the terrain and weather conditions
3.Choose your way respecting the rule that those in front of you have the right of way. You are the one that should take care of not hitting them.
4. Overtaking is allowed by all directions, but at sufficient distance from the others so that you don’t endanger them . Be careful especially when overtaking children
5.Avoid standing on spots where you are not seen from above – for example under a hill .
If there is an accident,make sure you put a sign for the ones coming from above to avoid futher collisions.
6.Respect the signs for closed and dangerous areas – they are there for a reason!
7.Dress approprietely ,wear gloves ,UV sunglasses to prevent snow blindness, UV sunschreen even by clowds as 70% of the UV rays are passing through
8. Protect your kid with a helmet and gloves with wrist protection for snowboarding.

New Trend Sport2166816-new_trend_sport-nauders

if you take a snowboard class these snobwikes are part of the program and it’s a fun change for your sore muscles. It’s a chance aswell to try this new trend sport with no extra costs, as the bike itself is estimated at about 1000 euros and the rental shops don’t usually invest in such expensive gear.

Chilling by Larchenalm2152763-chilling_by_larchenalm-nauders

Chilling by Larchenalm
It’s a great place to sit and engoy the sun rays if you feel like you’re getting tired of skiing / or you don’t ski at all ( you need to take the two man chairlift bearing the same name, and there you go. Pick a hut end enjoy the sun and the view.
You might walk back on the toboggan run if you need some movement.

Hellp I have two cows on the lift behind me!!!2152712-hellp_i_have_two_cows_on_the_lift_behind_me-nauders

Hellp I have two cows on the lift behind me!!!
As I was going up for the night ski show at the Larchenalm ,I looked down at my feet ,and……..ohhhh what a horror !!! There were two cows at the chair behind me!!! I wonder if I will be fast enough while descending to not have them run over me …

A walk 2 Parditschhof 1641m1786070-on_the_road_parditchhof_nauders

A walk to Parditchhof is about one hour long but the view that you will have to the village and the valley is magnificent!!! You can go for “haxe essen” but you need to book in advance. If you go in the winter ,you have a wonderful toboggan trail on the way back…

The fields of Tcheieck 2241860-the_fields_of_tcheieck-nauders

These are the endless fields of Tcheieck one season ago (2003/04) when there was enough snow for everyone…
You have plenty of space to leave your tracks in those high alpine cattle fields where the alpine cows spend their summer holiday to get the milka chocolate.
(That’s what actually the houses are there for..)

Castle Restaurant Naudersberg: Don’t miss to enjoy the castle atmosphere 2077466-restaurant_castle_naudersberg_my_favorite_restaurant_in_nauders-nauders

Located in the old Stables of the Castle,the Restaurant is something you shouldn’t miss.
The first reason is the unique cave interior with dome ceilings. The Knights room with the armor, where you can eat fondue or knight’s meal foth your fingers. Just make sure you call in advance so they get prepared.

Address: Castle Naudersberg

Price Comparison: about average

Price: US$21-30

Yeti Bar: Yeti Bar – the place to be2152661-yeti_bar_yeti_bar_the_place_to_be-nauders

Yeti bar it THE PLACE to be in Nauders.
Run by Luis and his Brother Gebi, it is a place with a relaxing yet cozy atmosphere The staff is always provided with a smile on their faces ,the music is mainstream and various ,there is a big screen 4 movies too.
A MUST if you are in Nauders!

Phone: 0043 676 4152351

Theme: Nightclub


Billy’s Bar: Billy’s Bar2068838-billys_bar_billys_bar-nauders

Billy’s had a live band called Workout every tursday during the season,and on fridays too at the end. The band is good as the two guys that are playing acoustic guitars are giving their best !!! Respect !!!The guys are rocking !!! They play cover songs from Red Hot Chilli Peppers,LennY Kravitz, Bon Jovi ,that kinda stuff…If it’s your music,go see them , you won’t regret it!
It’s an ok place for apres ski too,even tho I’ve never seen it crowden unless the band was playing…The innside is very colorful and recalls an association with an american bar. Car shield plates from various states hanging on the walls ,as well as pin up photos and statues of chicks dressed in stars and stripes….

Because it belongs to Almhof hotel that haz a pizzaria,you can order a pizza and have it in the bar without needing to go tothe restaurant. Pizzas are good – they are made in a wood oven…

Traktor Bar: Traktor Bar / Nauders 2105952-traktor_bar_traktor_bar_nauders-nauders

Traktor bar is .located under the Naudererehof Hotel in the center of Nauders.
It opens its doors around 16h, time for some beers and apres ski music and is closing when the last customers decide to head for their beds 2316533-traktor_bar_traktor_bar_nauders-nauders

Dress Code: For apres ski – ski clothing and ski shoes are recoomended, as they are very uncomfortable to walk around
In the evening – casual wear or dressy, everything works fine.

Address: Pure center / located in Naudererhof hotel

Theme: Nightclub

LarchenAlm: Tobogganing at night /Ski school show 2235545-larchenalm_tobogganing_at_night_ski_school_show-nauders

On Mondays and Wednedays there is Toboganning by night starting from the Lachernalm all the way to the bottom station of the gondola. Take your warm clothes, good mood and your fun is guaranteed!!
Not to be missed on mondays is the ski school demo that includes ski history, fireworks,new techniques in skiing and snowoarding and lots of gluhwein / hot red sweet wine.

Theme: Eating and Drinking

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